Appropriate Facebook Pic For Great Falls School Board Member?

A couple of weeks ago E-City Beat sent an email to all of the candidates running for the Great Falls Public School District school board asking for candidate profile pieces. As we have always done in the past we pledged to publish the responses unedited and without editorial comment.

However, because of a very recent ‘heads up’ we will be making a slight deviation from our scheduled publishing of the responses – we will not be publishing Russ Herring’s candidate profile, largely due to this picture, among others, Herring posted on his Facebook page.

Mr. Herring is running for the 1 year term which was vacated due to Jan Cahill’s untimely passing. Jan Cahill was without question the best school board Chair and member that we’ve had in the past 35 years. If Jan is looking down and following this election I am sure that he would not approve of Herring’s candidacy

Jan was a conservative, but he was apolitical in his public service. On the other hand, Mr. Herring appears to be a highly partisan, far left leaning crusader who thinks America is racist.

From a post on Herring’s Facebook page:

“…BLM is an easy fix, if we can actually and finally abandon our national racism in the 1800s when it was supposed to have died, or at least 1915 when blacks were allowed to vote nationally. Address BLM and the right can no longer make these false equivalencies between what happened at the capitol and BLM protests.”

That being said, and upon further examination of Herring’s public Facebook page, I am very disheartened that the Great Falls Education Association has chosen to endorse him to complete Jan’s term.

Did the GFEA vetting committee even bother to look at their endorsee’s social media content? And if they did, do they think that a picture of a grown man in his boxer shorts wearing a horror facemask and sporting an erection is an appropriate image for our school board members?

We owe it to our readers to tell them the truth. We recommend that all local voters vet the candidates themselves.

Start by looking at Mr. Herring’s Facebook page and make your own determination as to whether this man is someone you want in charge of your children’s education.

Philip M. Faccenda
Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.


  1. I agree with Zachary.
    Has anyone looked into Mark Finnicum? If they had they would have discovered that he was ticketed by the GFPD for providing alcohol to a 14 year old girl while she was visiting at his home. Is this man someone you want in charge of your children’s education?

    • Finnicum’s a RINO who acknowledged that poor academic performance of GF schools but says he’ll get these done in his next term if elected. Where have I heard that kind of talk before? VOTE OUT ALL THE INCUMBENTS!!!

    • The insurrectionist party uses transference as their goto comment and posting material. What they accuse others of, they are guilty of themselves ….. they all Hyp O CRITS!

      • I see you have been taking liberal advantage of the legalized marijuana now widely available in Montana that many Republicans voted for.

  2. Do I want a veteran with a doctoral degree who recognizes structural inequities and hopes to address them, and who posted a silly picture on their social media, in charge of my kids’ education? Oh, the horror…!

      • Are you a trolling Facebook weirdo? Is that picture suppose to be Russ? Are you assuming? You want to condemn him for something that might have happened 25 years ago? Hell Phil, we elected a president 5 years ago who payed off women and said he can do anything to women like grab their pussies and you probably voted for him in both elections.

  3. Disgusted that you would publicly body shame this person and declare the are unfit for the position based on your arbitrary social norms. People on Ricks page going so far as to accuse Russ of crimes just based on this photo. Judge a person by their actions.

  4. Y’all making a big deal out a picture? So because he is wearing a Halloween mask he’s not qualified? Y’all should probably stay off the internet if things like this offend you. Slandering someone for no reason is real gross. Grow up.

  5. I am a 1965 GFHS graduate with a Masters from MSU. I know I received an excellent education back in that day.
    I am glad there is somebody out there informing the public about those running for school board. I looked at the photo of Mr. Herring and was disappointed that he would post such an inappropriate example of himself and figured that the penis stiffy was likely due to having a small one. However, Mr. Herring is the only person who can clarify.
    I am a free speech advocate and concerned that the Beat will not allow Mr. Herring to speak his opinions about how he would help run the school system. I therefore do not agree that Mr. Herring should be denied the opportunity to express his views on how he would improve the current situation. I would like to hear about his views on racism, critical race theory, equality, and the 3 R’s that were so prevalent in my day while attending 12 years in the school system.

  6. Obviously the posting of such a photo was in poor taste. With that said, he may well be qualified. His view on BLM and the so called “insurrectionists” disqualifies him. NEXT………….

  7. This is amusing. Phil posted this story…very worthy and something voters should be aware of. And then some attack Phil!

    Thanks for this story, Phil. This is not a guy that anybody in Great Falls should feel comfortable voting for.


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