5 Tips for Managing Multi-State Living Arrangements With a Pet

Owning multiple homes in the United States is a dream for millions of young Americans. You can enjoy multiple climates, geographical diversity, and various lifestyle choices when you own homes in Florida and Great Falls, Montana. But what if you own a pet and live in different states? Read on for tips to manage both.

1. Have Vets in Montana and Florida 

You must keep your pet healthy as you divide your time between Montana and Florida. After all, traveling between both states can be time-consuming and stressful. The best way to guarantee your pet remains healthy is to have vets in both states. You can reduce your vet costs by purchasing an excellent pet insurance policy. However, check pet insurance coverage and considerations and the reviews of insurance providers to search for the best deals before buying. Also, use pet sitters when you’re busy and check for fleas and ticks to guarantee your animal has no problems. 

2. Ensure Your Pet Stays Comfortable in Both Homes

When you have homes in multiple states, your pet can become overwhelmed — and this could become detrimental to their overall well-being. Ensure your pet remains comfortable by buying items for both homes, such as a quality bed or crate, a cat tree, and a harness. Although customer ratings can be a valuable resource when evaluating products, look for websites with product reviews from veterinarians. That way, you can feel confident you’re buying the best products for your pet. 

3. Save Money for Unexpected Costs 

Continuously moving between Florida and Montana can be expensive over time. You’ll want to budget to ensure you have disposable income for any unexpected issues. Try cutting costs such as choosing streaming options over cable, purchasing deep freeze items to store away, and limiting unnecessary outings. If you spend half of your time in Florida and half in Montana, you can save money by finding affordable auto and health insurance in either state. 

4. Give Your Pet Plenty of Exercise 

Ensure your pet has ample exercise when moving between states. For example, there are many excellent hikes near Great Falls, and Florida has one of the most desirable climates in the United States. Take your dog for a walk in nearby national parks and on local beaches. That way, your pet will feel as normal as possible despite moving around.

5. Use Organization Apps

One of the best ways to stay organized when you have multi-state homes is by using organization apps. ClickUp is one of the most popular organization apps. It allows you to boost your productivity, plan daily tasks, and set goals. For example, you can set yourself a checklist before you travel between Montana and Florida to ensure you don’t forget anything. 

Looking After Your Pet Doesn’t Need To Be Confusing

Living between Montana and Florida doesn’t need to be complicated when you have a pet. You can make the process seamless by following the tips in the article. Visit E-City Beat for information on life in Montana.