Houck’s Hypocrisy



Recently someone brought to my attention some comments on the Kavanaugh nomination written by a so-called “leader” in Great Falls, Tracy Houck, and posted last week on Senator Steve Daines’ public forum page. Here’s a screenshot of her comments:

After seeing her comments here’s what I wrote on my FB page in response, and then I’ll give you an interesting update that someone pointed out to me yesterday.

“Here’s Houck representing herself as a Great Falls public official actually lecturing Senator Daines on the Kavanaugh nomination.

Regardless of what one thinks about this national issue, Tracy Houck is the last person in Great Falls that I and many, many others want speaking as a GF elected official on the Senators comment page. What a total embarrassment she is to my hometown.

Houck is an incompetent, dishonest buffoon who is once again doing a disservice to the good and honest folks of Great Falls by representing herself in a public forum as someone who speaks in an official capacity.

Since she has so arrogantly presumed to lecture my senator and condescendingly offer him “advice” as an elected official from Great Falls, perhaps it’s time once again to remind the public through documented evidence obtained in public records requests and elsewhere, that Houck has been demonstrated to be a serial public liar and a fraud.

She is guilty of violating Montana campaign-finance law, backdating official state documents in an attempt to cover her lies to the public, the press, and the state Commissioner of Political Practices, and of abusing her position of public trust in attempts to benefit herself and her employer financially.”

And now the update:

In a letter dated March 14, 2017, written and signed by Houck wherein she attempted to justify her dishonest actions concerning the Community Development Block Grant funding process, Houck stated that “…Harmony indicates intent to file a sexual harassment charge against a PGS staff person. Similar letters were sent to various staff…A subsequent investigation was conducted…Absolutely no truth was found to support any of the allegations.” (emphasis added) You can read the entire letter and included documents here.

“A subsequent investigation (into sexual harassment) was conducted…Absolutely no truth was found to support any of the allegations.” says Houck. Does that sound familiar in light of recent events?

So, when unproven, uncorroborated sexual harassment allegations affecting Houck and her employer are raised, Houck becomes indignant and insists that those allegations be ignored and set aside so she can get her pile of taxpayer money.

So, when unproven, uncorroborated SEXUAL HARASSMENT allegations affecting Houck and her employer are raised, Houck becomes indignant and insists that those allegations be ignored and set aside so she can get her pile of taxpayer money.

But when Judge Kavanaugh is slimed with unproven allegations by the “resistance”, which Houck supports, she thinks it’s her responsibility to lecture Senator Daines and educate him about “…statistics as to the number of men and women who have been sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.”

What hypocrisy. What arrogance. What a crock.






Posted by Rick Tryon

Rick Tryon is an entrepreneur, a singer-songwriter, and is currently serving a four year term as a Great Falls City Commissioner. Helping Montana become an even greater place to live, play and work is Tryon's passion.

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8 Replies to “Houck’s Hypocrisy”

  1. Great Falls Voter October 11, 2018 at 6:49 AM

    First, it’s absolutely embarassing that an elected official in Montana, who is clearly over the age of 30, does not understand what an apostrophe is, or the difference between plural and possessive. I know, I know, the grammar police and all that. But still, have some pride and be a pro.

    Second, it’s even more embarassing that this is apparently what passes for reasoned argument by our elected ‘professionals.’ Here’s her ‘syllogism’ in a nutshell:

    1. I disagree with you.
    2. I bet a majority of Montanans (or is it “Montanan’s?”) disagree with you.
    3. There are statistics about sexual assaults on women and men.
    4. I am an elected official, and so I have access to strategic plans and government documents.
    5. So I am right.
    6. So you are wrong.

    Persuasive. Not ONE SINGLE WORD about the actual facts of the allegations. (By the way, Ms. Houck, tell us about the last time YOU raised unsubstantiated rape allegations in a “job interview.”) She’s got a big career ahead of her in leftist politics.

    Who cares if she’s crooked–the bottom line is that she just isn’t very bright.


  2. I understand you’re a musician, you should channel your Houck angst into your music. I believe you have the material for a blues classic. Reliving the election over and over can’t be good for you, channel that negative energy. I too am a musician with issues and am currently working on my Trump opera.
    Please be kind grammar police


  3. Bill- The Houck post is from last week, she keeps putting her ignorance in front of us. If we consistently see from her halfwit actions, why shouldn’t the drum keep being beat? She is a Great Falls embarrassment that needs to be changed out instead of accepting this as a leader for Great Falls. There are people of integrity and intelligence in Great Falls so can and should do better.


  4. Hey Bill – thanks for the unsolicited advice but I would never waste my musical energy on a dishonest, incompetent, phony “leader” like Houck.

    I am writing a new song though, the working title is “I Don’t Give a Rats Patootie What Bill With No Last Name Thinks”. 🙂


  5. Korst, my last name is Korst. I’ll bet you get heart burn when you pass by a 7-Eleven. Hey, I just may have titled your Houck blues opus!


    1. Oh, hey Bill! You’re not the same Bill Korst who doesn’t even live in MT, let alone GF, are you?

      If you are, why are you so interested in our corrupt and dishonest City Commission, whether I get heartburn driving by 7-Eleven and my musical career. Seems a little creepy to me.


  6. What’s creepy is you googling my name. Whats next, you gonna toilet paper my house?


  7. No, what’s really weird is that some creepy old dude who lives in Wisconsin that I’ve never heard of is trolling me on this blog.

    I’m sure you think you’re being witty and relevant but you just come across as a lonely old man seeking attention. 🙂

    Nothing more pathetic than a creepy old troll.


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