Don’t Buy The ‘Non-Partisan’ Flapdoodle


Editors note: due to a technical issue this is a re-post from a story originally put up on 5/21 but later deleted.

Someone recently sent me a link to an organization I had never heard of called ‘Forward Montana’. Ostensibly, the groups mission is to get young folks involved in the political process and registered to vote. Sounds good, right?

However, after scrolling through their website and Facebook page I have to agree with one of the reviews on their FB page:

“I respect what they do to get young people to vote but make no mistake about it folks……they also want to indoctrinate young people. They want to “educate” young people on leftist causes yet claim they are “non-partisan.” That is false. They are a leftist organization bent on only caring about partisan issues. I encourage young conservatives when approached by Forward Montana folks to tell them you are conservative. See if they still want to register you.”

I suggest that folks do the research and check it out for themselves before buying into the ‘we’re non-partisan’ nonsense ‘Forward Montana’ tries to sell.

What’s wrong with just coming out and saying “Hey, we’re a left wing Democrat organization committed to progressive causes and we want to get young people to the polls to vote for liberal candidates and policies.”?

Anyway, you can find their FB page here and their website here.

Now here’s whats really interesting and relevant to Great Falls locals – Forward Montana is in a partnership with Great Falls Rising to bring their advocacy in a big way to our community leading up to the 2019 and 2020 elections.

From the Forward Montana: Great Falls Rising Facebook page:

“Join Forward Montana, Great Falls Rising, and our host committee to learn about Forward Montana’s plan to make our work even bigger and better and how YOU can help.

Host Committee:
Bill and Carol Bronson
Shelley Fagenstrom
Ben Graybill and Laura Weiss
Turner Graybill and Jessica Crist
Marisa Graybill
Jim and Jane Weber
Gary and Nancy Zadick
Larry and Nancy Anderson
Tammy Lacey
Gerry & Chuck Jennings
Jim & Justine Zadick”

Take a good look at that list. Recognize any names? Any public officials?

The Great Falls Host Committee list not only reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of progressive liberal movers and shakers in Great Falls, but also reveals the partisan political proclivities of a few of our ‘non-partisan’ elected officials. And it reveals some of the old money elites and good ol’ boys and gals who really control much of our local government.

Is it any wonder there has been such an emphasis on government, non-profit organizations and social services in our local policies and decision making?

If you don’t know what I mean just Google some of the names on the list and look at their professions and affiliations etc.

I have no problem with anyone’s honestly held convictions. In fact I have a near equal number of ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ friends and loved ones. But let’s stop pretending that Great Falls Rising, Forward Montana and the Great Falls Host Committee are anything other than progressive, liberal Democrat organizations.

Two final points, if I may. First I find it hilarious that Claire here thanks Forward Montana for giving her the tools to “challenge white supremacy”. Really? I would challenge Claire and anyone else who entertains such a naive notion to look at the Forward Montana Board of Directors – all eleven of them are white yuppie looking dudes and dudettes.

And the Great Falls Rising Host Committee look to be all upper-crust beneficiaries of ‘white privilege’ as well.

Finally, I respect the efforts being made by these groups to push their agenda and get young folks involved, both sides should be doing more of it. The GOP in Great Falls could learn a lesson or two from Forward Montana about this kind of advocacy, but they’ve been too busy calling each other ‘RINO’s’ and ‘swishes’ and fighting among themselves to notice.



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Rick Tryon is an entrepreneur, a singer-songwriter, and is currently serving a four year term as a Great Falls City Commissioner. Helping Montana become an even greater place to live, play and work is Tryon's passion.

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