All The Little Covid Fiefdoms

Here in Montana, governor Greg Gianforte repealed the mask mandate that required businesses to have customers and employees alike, mask-up.

So why is it, that I cannot go into some businesses without a mask, still? Why is it, that some companies, mostly those with a corporate pyramid structure, still require their employees to wear masks as well?

That is a complex couple of questions to answer, it turns out. Currently, each business in Montana is acting like its own little fiefdom, with its own rules that can supercede the government, though not technically allowed to.

I asked a local legislator where I can read about the mandate repeal, and its terms. As it turns out, there is no such document.

A major issue, is that the problem of Covid is being funded, but there are no incentives to businesses who open back up fully, without requiring masks, in support of the Constitution, aside from the support they might gain from freedom-loving customers.

If having a business of one’s own, is the way to get around Covid regulations, whether they be good or bad, to supercede government plans, then everyone in America ought to start their own business, in the name of personal safety. As it is, it is up to citizens to uncover the truth of what, exactly, is going on here.

  • Are businesses and corporations operating in favor of mask mandates, because they are getting government subsidies and other kickbacks?
  • Is their need for enforcement, based on receiving covid relief funds from the government in return?
  • And if so, what do we do about it?

As an example of this policy, I questioned MacKenzie Pizza Company of Great Falls, MT, while attending an interview session. This company heavily favors mask mandates. MacKenzie acts as though the mandate is merely inconvenient to potential employees, when this is not the case. I personally sat down with two employees of the company, and explained:

“This is not merely wrong, or an inconvenience, or some small issue. This is unconstitutional. No one in America voted for this mask mandate. No one voted for mask mandates to last indefinitely.”

But my words were lost on these pathetic Yes Men and Yes Women, who unsympathetically stated that the decision came from corporate in Whitefish, and thus, their hands were tied. How convenient for them.

In the spirit of Representative Jim Jordan, who asked Anthony Fauci for a timeline for covid restrictions ending, I asked the pizza company employees the same thing. “What is your timeline for the mask mandate ending?” They, like Fauci, didn’t have one. Thus, no end date is in mind with this company. These restrictions are not meant to end – ever.

Local citizen Jules Vasquez, who was there to see the interview exchange at MacKenzie Pizza Co, states, “If they want to have the policy voluntary for employees, that’s one thing, but requiring them to conform to a no-longer-existing mandate, is at best ignorant, and at worst, illegal.”

Technically, businesses being able to require masks even after the recall of the mandate, falls under the same legal sphere as being able to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. A business operating under these terms, can’t be sued for refusing service (or in this case, refusing to hire), unless there is a religious, racial, or other discriminatory claim being made.

But I always wonder about the health aspect. Personally, having worked for months on end in a place that required masks, left me in a deep depression.

The symptoms of depression can lead to suicide in individuals, and certainly is not something for businesses to toy with, in the name of profits. Suicides have skyrocketed during the covid pandemic.

To date, two of Jules’s family members have committed suicide during the lockdowns that took place. I have other friends – ones who experience such things as epilepsy and grand mal seizures – and requiring them to wear a mask, regardless of what anyone has to say about it, would be downright evil.

A huge question becomes, who is policing these businesses in America, in terms of their Covid requirements, and where does it end?

This is a huge threat to democracy and the Constitution, and I, like Representative Jim Jordan, would like a timeline as to when this chaos is all going to end, for good.

Businesses were never meant to be above the law of the land, and I don’t want to see an America where citizens are chained to their desks, because “businesses can do whatever they want, in the name of Covid.”

And I sure hope I’m not alone in this regard.

Posted by Leslie D. Soule

Leslie D. Soule is a fantasy author and citizen journalist. She can be contacted at

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  1. This is truly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. Aggressively stupid.


  2. Demanding a specific date for ending a measure aimed at protecting people from an ongoing pandemic is absurd.


  3. Perhaps this is pure fantasy…..the author’s description says she’s a fantasy author…..


  4. The ignorance is from those who are willing to surrender their freedoms to unelected officials and follow like lemmings. Masks do not protect you . You cannot hide from a virus. It is the fear instilled in you from your false network tv stations, newpapers and controlling politicians that has you hiding behind masks that can’t even keep the smell of a fart out – and the virus is much smaller. Ignorance is no excuse for the way you folks have surrendered your rights and have tried to steal mine. One day you will wake up in chains and wonder how you got there…


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