“I Want To Be A Good Neighbor”

Watch the short video below.

It’s Rhett Hulett, owner of M&D Construction which employs 30 folks here in Great Falls, making his case for a Conditional Use Permit at the January 2, 2018 Great Falls City Commission meeting.

“I want to be a good neighbor”

“We want to be a positive part of that part of town.”

“We look forward to staying there.”

So, sounds like granting the CUP should be a common sense decision, right? Especially since the city planning staff, NHC #7, and the planning/zoning board ALL recommended approval.

Thank you, Mr. Hulett for employing Great Falls folks, paying taxes and working hard to be a good neighbor. We appreciate your efforts.

So what do y’all think our illustrious City Commission did here?

I’ll have all the gritty details for you next week. Stay tuned.

Posted by Rick Tryon

Rick Tryon is an entrepreneur, a singer-songwriter, and is currently serving a four year term as a Great Falls City Commissioner. Helping Montana become an even greater place to live, play and work is Tryon's passion.

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7 Replies to ““I Want To Be A Good Neighbor””

  1. Mary Moe and the rest of the City Commissioners in Great Falls need a wake-up call and that wake-up call is for the impeachment of the commissioners for their lack of common sense. Yep that’s right, be impeached for no common sense.. When you have all faucets of city government that have a say in this matter, i.e., the city planning staff, NHC #7, and the planning /zoning board recommend approval of the CUP, and then the city commissioners unanimously vote it down. That’s not right folks. Geez, Mayor Kelly your the first that needs to be impeached for allowing this fiasco to happen on your watch, followed by Mary Moe, who in my opinion is Nancy Pelosi’s twin in her backward obstructionist thinking, and then the rest of the commissioners need to pack-up and head down the road. It is an embarrassment to the taxpayers of the City of Great Falls to have these elected officials representing them. Each commissioner has their own agenda, and it is not working for and representing the taxpayers of this great city.


  2. Welcome to a democratic government, buck. If you want to be just another snowflake, go complain about trump. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, and this hack “news” site does a great job of pumping up you morons. Rick and the like that act like “men of the people” don’t give a damn about us, they just like to complain and then listen to their followers get riled up over nothing.


    1. Calling folks “morons” and hurling insults at me is fun for you I’m sure, “A voter”. Real easy too since you’re doing it as you cower in darkness and hide behind your cloak of anonymity. Grow a spine, it’s hard being a vertebrate but it’s worth it. 🙂


  3. Rick’s only position on every subject is, “things are terrible, it’s catastrophic, everyone yell as loud as possible….” The only problem is, there’s never a planned solution to any problem. Every statement made starts with attacking the people who beat him in an election. Sad!


    1. “A voters” only position is “I’m an internet troll who’s too cowardly to use my real name.” Sad! Come on “A”, join us vertebrates! 🙂


  4. […] is not only presumptuous and cavalier, it completely disregards Mr. Hulett’s unambiguous statement during the commission meeting: “And the growth – we’re at our max, like I said at the Zoning meeting, it’s about all my […]


  5. […] Even though Rhett Hulett, owner of M&D Construction, said the following at the January 2nd meeting: […]


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