Who Is Sending ‘Defund GFPD’ Emails To Commissioners?

As of this afternoon I have received 14 robo-emails addressed to each of us Great Falls City Commissioners ‘demanding’ that we ‘defund’ the Great Falls Police Department. I also got a call from a Kalispell city commissioner this morning informing me that they have been receiving the same emails.

See my response to the emails here.

I’ve been asked to publish the names of the senders of these emails, and I could do that since they are all subject to a public information request and available for anyone to see at any time.

But actually there’s not much sense in publishing the names because the email is a form email and most of the names and emails are not local or wouldn’t have any relevance to Great Falls.

Here’s a breakdown of the 14 emails:

Nine have various names with no indication as to where they are from or with an out-of-state return email indicator – for example vccs.edu, which is from Virginia I believe.

One is from Philipsburg MT and one from Billings MT.

Three say they are Great Falls residents. Checking several online resources for the names given, only one of them appears in a search and matches as a Great Falls resident, but it appears to be the persons parents who currently live here. The emailer’s age is given as “in 20’s” and an address listed online as being in Missoula.

So out of 14 robo-mails so far only one of them appears to actually be a possible current Great Falls resident.

If that person, or anyone else, would like to contact me and discuss the issue of defunding the Great Falls Police Department, I will be available to do so any time. But there are three things I would ask beforehand:

  1. You are currently a taxpaying resident of Great Falls.
  2. You use your real name and are willing to do so publicly without ‘demanding’ things.
  3. You discuss the issue using a local context and data, in the full light of objective scrutiny and without using a mass form letter containing outrageous, false, ignorant accusations against our local law enforcement.

I’m not sure why some folks think that George Floyd’s murder by a bad cop in Minneapolis means that we need to ‘defund’ the Great Falls Police Department but I’m willing to discuss it honestly and openly, not with form letters, baseless accusations against our law enforcement community in Great Falls, and anonymous demands.

By the way, one of the emailers forgot to fill in the form data on their little robo-email and I’m including a screenshot here. If the group behind this campaign to ‘defund’ police would let us know who they are, or if anyone else knows and could reveal their identity, it would be helpful.

Posted by Rick Tryon

Rick Tryon is an entrepreneur, a singer-songwriter, and is currently serving a four year term as a Great Falls City Commissioner. Helping Montana become an even greater place to live, play and work is Tryon's passion.

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  1. Yo, Hello !! who in hell is Pete and where did he get far out ideas ! Now ol” boy if Great Falls is not to your like’n how about moving to where you and your ideas would be more in line !I back Rick’s answer just fine. Not sure I like outsiders demanding any thing from our police department!! If you don’t live here, have no intention of pitching in to make our community a better place then you have no say in how our police act> Don’t violate our laws and you will not spend a night in the cross bar hotel. I support our law enforcement brothers and sisters and when you pick on one of them you are picking on the rest of our community.Your move Pete !


  2. The Constitution has no mention of god but does give freedom from religion. And if you don’t like how things are done, move?How does that affect change? If everyone followed that advice there wouldn’t be folks here complaining on this blog. Relax, have a beer, the cops aren’t going anywhere.


  3. Good grief boys and girls. Mountain, meet mole hill.


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