State Historic Preservation Office Cautions GFPS On GFHS Work



In a letter to City of Great Falls Planning and Community Development Deputy Director Tom Micuda, John Boughton, National Register Coordinator for the State Historic Preservation Office of the Montana Historical Society said, “We sincerely hope that the proposed addition to Great Falls High School is done in a manner that respects the historic elements of the existing building and grounds.”

The letter concerns the addition and renovation plan for Great Falls High School, and confirms what the National Register of Historic Places listing architects have been saying for quite some time.

Here is the entire letter (click here for the downloadable PDF):

The letter also addresses an issue that E-City Beat has been focusing on and that many local citizens are very concerned about:

“The removal of trees, which has already occurred, in the northeast portion of the historic district for additional parking was indeed unfortunate. The trees, which appear to have been quite mature, are a loss to the overall integrity of the district as they were undoubtedly part of the designed landscape of the property.”

“The removal of trees, which has already occurred, in the northeast portion of the historic district for additional parking was indeed unfortunate.”

The alterations to the historic campus negatively impact the GFHS Historic District as it currently exists and the GFPS intent to raze the Hi School Store (Campfire building) in order to develop a small amount of additional parking for the school would be unfortunate to say the least.

“We believe this building could be listed in the National Register either individually, based on its own history, or because of its association with the school, potentially through a boundary increase of the existing property.” 

All of this makes us wonder if District schools still teach history.


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3 Replies to “State Historic Preservation Office Cautions GFPS On GFHS Work”

  1. Apparently Lacey has no respect for the concerned and caring public that loves our historical school nor the State that sees it like we do. What’s a full grown mature tree and intelligent landscape to her?? Maybe just a fist raised to show us all how she can teach us a lesson in politics and taxes. She is the worst administrator this district has ever had.


  2. Philip Faccenda July 2, 2018 at 7:16 AM

    Tammy Lacey is but the face and voice of GFPS. It is becoming increasingly evident that she knows nothing about the right solutions for the problems facing the District, but she does understand what will happen if school levies continue to be defeated. Without pressure from those who value a responsible and effective school district the mistakes and carnage will get worse. Your vote counts. E-City Beat will continue to bring awareness to the issues.


  3. A. Fed up Parent July 3, 2018 at 10:44 AM

    I’m fairly sure the GFPS district teaches a poor version of what “No Child Left Behind” demands, which leaves yet another generation believing the whitewashed history of this country. I received a fairly decent education in this district, unfortunately I cannot say the same of my children. Yes, they received an excellent (much better than my own experience to be truthful) tutoring in math and science, but their opportunities in the arts were severely limited. Their English and history education were absolutely appalling. What care do these types of students and administrators have for historic buildings?


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