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Joe Biden Throws A Temper Tantrum

In Geneva this week, Hunter Biden's dad grew incredibly angry -- at a State TV CNN reporter, incredibly. Following...

Cascade County Sheriff Slaughter Switches Party From Dem To GOP

On Tuesday, June 15, Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter announced that he is switching political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Jasmine Taylor Compares Greatest Generation To Antifa

In our continuing series featuring idiotic social media posts by local politicians, this one may win the grand prize.

“Public Servants?”

There is an accepted definition of racism in Critical Race Theory ("CRT") that suggests that, by definition, all whites are racist and people...

Far Left Great Falls Dem Takes Down Ignorant Tweet

In our continuing series exposing local politicians who talk and behave one way during campaign season and a different way when they...

Cascade County GOP Elects Executive Board


Email Gremlins

Due to an email server failure we have changed our email address to If you have tried to...

Police Are Terrorizing Communities?

In the immediate wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict #AbolishThe Police was trending in the top 10 on Twitter.

Impeach And Remove Maxine Waters. Now.

With the Derek Chauvin murder trial winding down today, tensions have reached a simmer in Minneapolis. One might think,...

Does Jasmine Taylor Get To Decide Whether Or Not You’re A Racist?

Continuing our series on the revealing social media posts of local and state candidates/politicians, today we feature Democrat Jasmine Taylor.