Welcome, President Trump! Pay No Attention To The Haters.



E-City Beat would like to extend a big, hearty “WELCOME TO GREAT FALLS!” to the President and Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. We’re not only proud to welcome President Trump, we’re excited and grateful that he has chosen our town for a Montana rally.

Just consider the thousands and thousands of dollars pouring into our local businesses and economy over the next few days, not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of out-of-town visitors. Imagine the national exposure for our beautiful city. What a great opportunity and privilege to have our President here during the Independence Day extended weekend.

Unfortunately there are some in our community who have allowed hate to trump their love of our community. Have you seen the social media campaign to organize protests while the President is here? We have no problem with peaceful, reasonable opposition and protest, but what we are seeing here in Great Falls now is just more of the same old hate and obstruction from the unhinged far left usual suspects. Here is the FB event posting for their demonstration.

“Refuse service to Donald Trump and his entourage.”?

“Donald Trump is NOT WELCOME in our city…”?

“Rally against and refuse service to Trump”?

Is that the love that trumps hate? It doesn’t sound like it. In fact it sounds like these folks have been listening to Rep. Maxine Waters and taking their cues from her hateful and divisive calls to incite mobs against Trump Administration officials and others.

“Is that the love that trumps hate? It doesn’t sound like it. In fact it sounds like these folks have been listening to Rep. Maxine Waters and taking their cues from her hateful and divisive calls to incite mobs against Trump Administration officials and others.”

The organizer for the Great Falls anti-Trump rally is 2018 Great Falls school board candidate and Great Falls MSU Director of the Weaver Library and eLearning, Laura Wight.

We found it interesting looking at the list of people who are going to the protest which includes local Great Falls State Representative Casey Schreiner (D). We have to wonder why Schreiner, a public official elected to represent ALL of us, would support and associate himself with a group that calls on local businesses to refuse service to fellow citizens.

Doesn’t Schreiner understand the big economic benefit this event will have for local business or that telling our President he is “not welcome in our community” is not one of our local values?

We hope voters remember how out of touch Representative Schreiner is when it comes time to vote this November. We don’t believe that embracing the “We Hate Trump” movement and having such open disdain and disrespect for our President, who won in a landslide in Montana and a wide margin in Cascade County, is providing the leadership or representation we deserve here.



  1. What do these libs think of living in a state where the west side of the state looks like Nixon’s profile? Look at it. Montanans decide what’s best for Montana? Did we not do that by a large margin? Where is the REAL hypocrisy?

  2. Trump is going to go down as one of the greatest presidents ever. I am proud he is my president. I love to see the library’s exploding heads. do not forget, we went through 8 years of Obama, who will go down as an America hater in Chief. MAGA!

  3. Trump is going to go down as one of the greatest presidents ever. I am proud he is my president. I love to see the libs exploding heads. Do not forget, we went through 8 years of Obama, who will go down as an America hater in Chief. MAGA!

    • Yes Bob, we all lived through 8 years of obama, we had to- there was nothing we could do about it. But did we refuse to serve those that worked in HIS administration, or whine about his existence?
      Well OK, I’ll admit I did my fair share of whining, the man made my blood boil. But, I never heard of anyone on the right asking for no tolerance for government workers in their work place… or public places for that matter.
      In my place of business, I served democrats along with Republicans, without giving it a thought, although if obama, schumer, pelosi, or waters came into my place of business- it would take all the self control I could muster……. but I would be civil and professional.
      Yes, I know that proper nouns should be capitalized…… my non violent way of showing disrespect.
      MAGA KAGA Trump 2020!

  4. There are some of us in Great Falls don’t use FB. We can’t see the haters–Why don’t you PUBLISH THE LIST HERE ON ECB for ALL to see!

  5. Truth is…. When it comes to politics, there are radicals on both sides. Those who call liberals, libtards. Those who call Republicans, Repubs. On and on and on. It’s a real shame we don’t seem to hold ourselves and those who share our ideals as accountable as those who disagree with us.

  6. I’d love to go listen to Trump speak, he knows the best words, but I got overly Patriotic last night. I wouldn’t worry too much about protests by the “unhinged far left,” Trump will pay your legal fees if you beat one up. The refusal to serve fellow citizens comment puzzled me though, didn’t the Supreme Court just ok that?

  7. Yes Keith, Montana DID choose Trump as what is best for Montana! But, unfortunately there are still those in our state that cannot get over it. Their hate and condemnation is so strong that they would protest his existence as POTUS, and condemn others for doing their jobs. And that’s just wrong.
    I did not like Obama, and sure as heck didn’t like him as our nations president, but I would never take my distaste for him out on those who worked for him.
    I voted for Trump- not because I like him as a person, but because of his love for this nation. I am positive I made the right choice. He iIS doing what he can to strengthen and protect our country. My country!
    Bill- I loved your post.
    Eve, I can understand those who call them libtards, demonrats,, etc…… it’s their way of non-violent protesting. I don’t like the names, my dad was a die hard Democrat, and we would civily debate our disagreements. And I would get angry if someone called him a libtard. But,I would be civil and hold myself accountable in disagreeing with their names.
    I think that those who protest against Trump and want to spread their hate to divide our nation, incite discord, violence and destruction, are despicable people, But, I do understand those who call them libtards and demonrats.
    I don’t use those words personally….. but I do love the term snowflake….. and don’t have a problem using it when it fits.
    I just wish Trump wasn’t here during a work day, I would love to show my support.

  8. I got to watch most of the speech on tv! The best part was watching Joe Briggs melt while basking in the glow of the Big Orange Ball of Gas. Got himself a good seat.

  9. Who staged where the protesters where assembled ?
    Who or whom planned & coordinated this event ?
    The staging & location of these protesters ?
    The Trump ticket holders were kept outside the gates.
    President Trump apologized to those left outside the gates & asked where are the Jumbo-trons ?

  10. Call me crazy, but I would have thought that, when it became absolutely apparent that the thousands of people lined up on the sidewalk were never going to get in, at least SOME of our local officials would have had the courtesy to come and tell us so that we would not continue to stand in line in the hot sun. Not to mention running back and forth across the street in accordance with the instructions from Sheriff’s deputies. (Lucky no one got hurt…)

    Then, when the doors closed, no one in charge bothered to tell us that, either.

    Thanks for that. My guess is that most of our taxpayer paid employees were too busy finding their own seats or spots to worry about the rest of us outside.

  11. https://redoubtnews.com/2018/07/media-tribune-refuses-tester-voter-fraud/
    I would like to share a link to Last Chance Patriot’s link to a voter fraud news story on the Crow Indian Reservation about Senator Tester in the 2006 election and the refusal of the liberal Great Falls Tribune to place an ad for the book, Arrow to the Heart, written by Chris Kortlander of Gerryowen. His book describes the voter fraud. Chris tried to place an ad for his book in the GF Tribune, but they refused to place the ad which is political bias censorship. Please follow the link to the interview and form your own opinion about Senator Tester and the Great Falls Tribune.

    Thank you

  12. President Donald J. Trump is the best president even in his first 1-1/2 years in office and by far the most entertaining President America ever had. Would love to see our president and Jay Leno ad lib off of each other………now that entertainment!

  13. Thanks Sue for letting us know about “Arrow to the Heart”
    I did a bit of research and found this: ‘Shocking New Book Exposes Federal Agent Overreaching and How Montana Senator Tester Was Elected in a Stunning Voter Scheme’. BOOK REVIEW/OP-ED. By Elaine Willman, MPA
    “In Chapter 7 Kortlander also unearths damning information concerning the election of Montana Senator Jon Tester. The author details voter fraud that took place in 2006 when Jon Tester was first elected the 51st Democrat to the United States Senate, shifting the political power of the Senate.
    Because state election laws do not apply at polling precincts on some Montana Indian Reservations, several reservation ballot boxes were left unsecured, allowing voter fraud to occur, which pushed Tester to a narrow win in Montana and gave Democrats control of the U.S. Senate by a tiny 0.87% of the official vote. Kortlander’s book contains documentation proving that the DNC and Tester’s campaign wrote checks to influence individual tribal voters at the ballot station. This stunning information continues to have national implications as Tester seeks reelection in 2018.”.

    This is newsworthy! Montana should not stand for this!

  14. And here I thought e-city beat was a good way to keep informed about the goings on in Great Falls. Reading the disgusting drivel praising a reality TV personality who just happened to claim the presidency is sickening. Attacking people who have called for Civil Disobedience has made it clear that you all would have been the ones attacking the Civil Rights movement. Trump is bad news for Great Falls and his visit will forever stain the history of this city. I’m standing on the right side of history: the one that is disgusted and dismayed at the most corrupt administration since Nixon and Grant combined.

    • He did not claim the presidency. He was duly elected pursuant to the US Constitution. So I can see from this comment you do not like the Constitution or do not understand it. Trump has been the best news not only for GF, but America as a whole. The numbers on the economy don’t lie. Glad you think you are on the right side of history.

    • You know A Disgusted Citizen……. e-city beat does state. “to compliment existing print and TV news, with an online news blog to explore various issues and their effects on Great Falls and Montana residents.”
      There you go……… “Various issues and their effects”
      What you see are the effects of various issues that residents of ” Great Falls and Montana” have, feel strongly about, and want to share those feelings and opinions on “various issues”.
      I for one, have feelings and opinions on many things that I would like to share with others- but am either unable to send into the Tribune because of their long wait time in between letters, have too biased an opinion, or, don’t want to wait and see if they doctor up, or add words into my letter that I would never put in. Yes, it happened and I was livid.
      I was disgusted and dismayed with obama….. so there you are. The effect that man had on me. You are welcome to your personal feelings on any matter, but if you don’t like the feelings or opinions of others on any given topic…. don’t read it.
      Just sayin.


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