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Letter to the Editor

The recent announcement by Greg Gianforte that he is seriously considering another run for Governor is problematic. He barely won against a gun grabbing liberal entirely out of touch with Montana values. Now Greg wants to run for Governor?

Tim Fox is an excellent candidate for Governor, and Rep. Gianforte should be thinking about maintaining his seat in the House of Representatives. Gianforte should stay in the House of Representatives instead of crowding the Republican field of candidates and detracting from candidates with an actual shot at winning the general election for Governor.

Rumor is, Matt Rosendale is already committed to running for an open congressional seat if Greg Gianforte makes another bid for Governor.

That is a mistake! Republicans can’t afford to recycle losers. We need electable candidates. Rosendale had all the help in the world against a flawed candidate, but couldn’t get it done. Despite President Trump and VP Pence visiting the state several times, Rosendale couldn’t overcome the “Maryland Matt” moniker.

In 2020, Senator Daines also faces tough re-election prospects. Having Tim Fox as the Gubernatorial candidate, Daines for Senate, and Gianforte for the House makes the strongest ticket and gives Republicans the best chance of winning.

Thanks, Daniel R. Wood




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