Great Falls Parking & ‘A Leader Who Listens’?


We couldn’t help but notice two related local topics this week:

  1. Tracy Houck announced her intention to run for reelection to the Great Falls city commission.
  2. The City of Great Falls is proposing doubling downtown parking meter fees.

We find it rather ironic, and quite amusing, that Houck is using the slogan “A Leader Who Listens” as part of her campaign branding.

In 2016 Mayor Kelly “tasked” Houck and then Commissioner Fred Burrow with finding solutions to our downtown parking problems, partly by staying plugged into the citizens Parking Advisory Commission.

According to meeting minutes, since January of 2016 there have been 41 Parking Advisory Commission meetings – Houck attended a total of 4 of those meetings.

There were at least 5 PAC Special Planning meetings during that period – Houck attended none of them.

A leader who listens? You be the judge. Meeting minutes here.



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