Kim Rodriguez, Candidate For Great Falls City Commission


Editors note – last month we asked each of the six candidates running for the Great Falls city commission to submit a profile for publication (exactly as submitted and without editorial comment) including the reasons they are running and what they want to accomplish if elected.

Kim Rodriguez, Terry Thompson, and Rick Tryon responded with submissions.

Tracy Houck, Jasmine Taylor, and Bruce Pollington did not respond. We will publish the profiles in the order we received them. First up is Kim Rodriguez.

Kim Rodriquez

I was born and raised in Great Falls, I have owned and operated a small business teaching CPR and First Aid for 25 plus years. I am married with one son who serves in the Navy as a Marine Corpsman. My decision to run for Great Falls City Commission is due to the frustration of watching politics become about the politicians and their wants, not about the citizens who voted them in. I would like the public of Great Falls involved in the decisions being made that affect us personally.

Our city is in dire need of increasing Law Enforcement and Fire Department personnel to increase the level of safety that we deserve. Public Safety needs to be a high priority. I would like to see Great Falls education system benefit our children, growth in new businesses and more access to indoor and outdoor recreation within city limits to include the Missouri River which the public has very little access to. I am not a politician, but someone who wants a positive change, less taxes, safe neighborhoods and a city government with high moral standards.

Great Falls has a crisis within our city. It’s the homeless! I volunteer for a soup kitchen and I see the faces of those who have nothing. To get to see them as human beings! We have the Rescue Mission and a few churches that do what they can on limited funds. But it’s not enough. I listened to the Budget being passed and watched as the City Commissioners voted on raising taxes on 5-6 issues in a row. But not one Police Officer was budgeted for and yet our city is growing! Our Fire Department is need of equipment and also personnel and did not get what was a minimal request. I saw firsthand how Great Falls Public Safety is NOT a priority.

I am completely against anything being done behind closed doors! As Citizens we really don’t have a voice, our needs are not an interest to those in power of passing the yearly budget! If Great Falls will vote two City Commissioners in that will stand up for what is right and put Citizens first in the upcoming November Election, and in 2 years vote two more in. Then we can make a change, a difference! I will be the voice for those that don’t have one. As a Christian I will stand up for what is honest and right. Even if I am the only one!



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  1. Glad to learn you know we need more law enforcement and fire personnel. Not raising the city managers salary a few months before we decide if he will remain the city manager. Place funds where we need the support in these dangerous times.


  2. Safety #1 for sure for many reasons. Must have a safe foundation to work from for everything and everyone in our community.


  3. Thank you for standing up for us citizens, public safety should be top priority. It is so nice to have someone running that is not politically motivated but has only citizens interest in mind. You are very much needed on the commission!


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