A Tale Of Two City Commissions

We all know how Bob Kelly’s City Commission is conducting itself in dealing with the Maclean Animal Adoption Center. But how did the City tackle this issue under its previous mayor, Michael Winters?

Winters jumped onto the E-City beat comments to tell everyone just that, and he did not mince words:

Wait just a minute folks !! Try to remember days gone by when Bob Jones, Fred and I were new on the commission–Openly Bob and I met with the folks of the Mc Clean project–There was nothing in it to benefit the city and all to the advantage to the New Mc Clean center. We discussed this both at work sessions and commission meeting. There was NO CONFLICT of interest, none of us on the commission had served on any board nor donated financially to the McClean project. The city was asked to give a large amount of financial backing and to boot would receive nothing in return and by doing the city could save a great deal of money. Wasn’t sure how that would work, the commission at that time declined any involvement with McClean project. Please some one tell me how and when did things change to reopen in private conversation involvement and bring about a joint mission statement. Perhaps there is a snake in the wood pile !

Whose style of leadership do you prefer, Kelly’s or Winters’?

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3 Replies to “A Tale Of Two City Commissions”

  1. Sheilah Cunningham June 4, 2019 at 5:45 PM

    I like Michael Winters. He was always above board.


    1. Amen to that! Always open and clear about things. No lying to citizens at commission meetings to cover up the truth…unlike the current mayor.


  2. I didn’t always agree with Mike but believe he was and is a man of honesty, integrity and dignity. Besides that, he was very visible and hands-on as a mayor. I welcome him back and hope he runs for mayor of Great
    Falls again.


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