Adam Hertz Might Be Our New Favorite Legislator

Adam Hertz

Rep. Adam Hertz is the man.

He’s young, he’s smart, and he’s getting things done in Helena. (Two of his bills, HB 297 and HB 300, were passed out of committee unanimously.)

Before entering the Legislature, Hertz served a term on the Missoula City Council, where he opposed Missoula’s unconstitutional gun ordinance. As a fiscal conservative, he found himself not just in the minority, but often as the lone dissenting voice on the uber-progressive council. (Note to Great Falls City Commissioners: it’s OK to disagree with each other on occasion.)

The freshman Republican has also shown a willingness to sensibly buck party orthodoxy. See his Facebook post on capital punishment:


And perhaps best of all, he recently introduced legislation, HB 430, that would allow retirement homes to purchase liquor licenses:

U.S. Senator Hertz? Governor Hertz?

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