Anonymous Packet Hits The Westside, Rips GFPS

A number of Westside residents received a surprise in their mailboxes this week, in the form of the following 12-page packet. In it, the author takes issue with Tammy Lacey and GFPS for the School District’s construction plans at the Little Russell School site. The District’s operations facility does not conform with county zoning requirements.

One Westsider (who was kind enough to share the material with us) remarked that s/he was “appalled” because, “Jane Weber doesn’t give a damn about what any of us have to say. We all signed a petition saying we didn’t want this in our neighborhood, but all Jane cares about is giving Tammy the good news. I guess we’re not as important as Tammy.”

(You are Weber’s constituents, though.)

You can view the entire packet below…

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5:

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Page 12:

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6 Replies to “Anonymous Packet Hits The Westside, Rips GFPS”

  1. Lt. Colonel (Retired, Army) Richard Liebert March 24, 2017 at 7:02 PM

    FYI, some good news, THREE challengers for GFPS school board! Democracy DEMANDS a horse race and the three incumbents versus three challengers, let the race begin!


    1. That’s great news, IF, and only if, Great Falls folks wise up and vote for folks with integrity. I’m quite disillusioned with Great Falls voting record.

      Why does Great Falls keep electing and putting into power people of questionable ethics and integrity? Where’s everyone’s sense of what’s right and what’s wrong in this town?

      Here’s just two examples of the top of my head:

      1. Electing as trustee and elevating to school board chair a person who admitted to forging the signature of another person on a paycheck to himself while working at a non-profit.

      2. Electing to the city commission a candidate that broke campaign law and by any thinking person’s perspective, tried to cover it up.

      They want you to think that what they did was, in their own words—“I just wasn’t thinking” and “I made mistakes.” I would call it something else.

      What’s so scary to me is that apparently, most of Great Falls finds these excuses plausible! In the first incident, he was leaving the state the next day and couldn’t find a board member to sign his paycheck, so he signed the name of another person on the signature line. Isn’t that forgery in most locales? In the second incident, she supposedly mailed a form to two separate places and both were “lost” in the mail. Are the people of Great Falls really this gullible? Does “idiocracy” rule this town?

      As I commented to someone recently, Great Falls reminds me of a combination of “Peyton Place” and the “Stepford Wives”—ruling class hypocrisy combined with ordinary citizens’ robotic acceptance of it. (Millennials might need to look up these seemingly obscure references 😉

      This is who we have running (and ruining) Great Falls. Forget the swamp in Washington—We’ve got our own swamp right here to drain.


  2. J. C. Kantorowicz March 25, 2017 at 5:40 AM

    Many of us believe that there should be a HUNDRED challengers file for the office of Trustee of the School District. Doing so will insure; 1. The incumbents are opposed. 2. Interest in the school board election will increase dramatically. 3. The school teachers union WILL NOT be able to re-elect the incumbents. 4. As the school board chose to have a special election (to reduce voter turnout), HUNDREDS filing for office will dramatically increase the cost of the special election for the school district…… Which should be a lesson for them to NOT ATTEMPT TO DECEIVE THE VOTERS!


    1. Lt. Colonel (Retired, Army) Richard Liebert March 27, 2017 at 1:49 PM

      I AGREE JC!


  3. uhh. Duh. I bought a house by a school building and now they want to use it. My bad. Think people don’t show your stupidity to the world.


  4. Wow! That’s some well researched stuff. Some folks need to get out and get a real job. Might we begin with Cary Ann Haight? I hate the fact that some of these folks can’t be voted out of their cushy government jobs! What the hell would they do in the real world except flounder?!


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