Are ‘Carol’s List’ Great Falls Candidates In The Mainstream?

One of our readers sent us an email with a screenshot of a Political Action Committee’s Facebook page announcing an event in Great Falls from a week ago called “Rally at the Sign”.

The reader had never heard of the PAC or the event so we did a little digging.

The political action committee is called Carol’s List and is based in Bozeman. Here’s how they describe themselves on their website:

“Carol’s List recruits, trains, supports progressive, pro-choice Democratic women to run for elected office in Montana and win — to increase women’s political power in the state…

…Founding members Christine Kaufmann and Diane Sands were the first openly lesbian state Senator and state Representative, respectively. Former board member Denise Juneau is the first Native American woman ever elected to a statewide office in the United States. Founding co-chair Carol Juneau carried the bill making Montana the first state to implement Indian Education for All. 

Our current board is a mix of former legislators and current activists who work every day to identify and support talented women to run for office and win.”

As for the “Rally at the Sign” here’s the screenshot and description from the Carol’s List FB page.

“About a dozen people turned out for the Oct. 6 rally, where all three candidates — Melissa Smith (House District 20), Jasmine Taylor (House District 22), and Helena Lovick (House District 26) — took the mic.

You probably already know we don’t have enough women in public office. Women are vastly underrepresented in all of our public offices, and that includes in our public offices in Montana as well,”

Jasmine Taylor said at the rally, adding that queer people and pro-choice advocates like herself, scientists like Helena Lovick, and environmentalists like Melissa Smith are also underrepresented.

Melissa Smith is a global warming alarmist who has stated that the value of your children can be reduced to the amount of carbon they consume.

Jasmine Taylor has advocated for defunding local law enforcement and has personally attacked Great Falls City Attorney, Sara Sexe, because of her legal analysis on Taylor’s attempt to pass a Great Falls nondiscrimination ordinance.

Helena Lovick has spoken at defund police, Black Lives Matter rallies in Great Falls and has been part of the anti Second Amendment Moms Demand Action movement here.

Carol’s List, the Political Action Committee that is helping to fund and promote these three Great Falls candidates, is a far left, pro-abortion feminist organization which is publicly opposing the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court Justice.

As an example, the Carol’s List Facebook page endorsed and featured this quote from Great Falls HD 22 candidate Jasmine Taylor:

“My opponent could say that I’m a Queer, liberal feminist — all of which is entirely true.” Jasmine Taylor for HD22 shared a stage with top-of-the-ticket Dems in Great Falls over the weekend, and — as is always the case with this RAD candidate — used her platform and privilege to speak out against racism and discrimination, and for science, choice, and health care.

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