Are Montanans Voting Red Or Blue?

“No way will I ever vote for another damn Democrat!”

“Anyone who votes for any Republican is out of their mind!”

Have you been hearing these kinds of comments recently? Lot’s of people have.

Last week NBC Montana and Strategies 360’s released polling data covering Montana’s top political races. You can view the detailed poll results here.

Here is a brief synopsis of which way Montana voters were leaning in this poll:

U.S. Senate – Daines (R) 48%, Bullock (D) 47%

U.S.House – Rosendale (R) 46%, Williams (D) 46%

MT Governor – Gianforte (R) 48%, Cooney (D) 41%

President – Trump (R) 51%, Biden (D) 43%

Which brings us to our own poll question:

[poll id=”28″]

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