Benefis Makes Employee COVID-19 Vaccinations Mandatory

E-City Beat has received numerous messages and documents from Great Falls Benefis Health Systems employees and others concerning mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees as a condition of continued employment.

Here is a screenshot of the ‘Heads-Up’ email sent from Benefis CEO John Goodnow to all Benefis employees.

Here is a comment from a Benefis employee who asks to remain anonymous, understandably so.

“Multiple employees at Benefis outraged by the vaccine mandate. Employees are being bribed with money and higher ups are using scare tactics to make employees comply. Nearly 35% of the employees have not been vaccinated and are scared to be terminated due to not wanting to get the vaccine.”

One employee said, “I do not want to get the vaccine but since it will now be mandatory i will have to get it because I can not afford to lose my job.”

Take a look at a page from the Benefis newsletter stating that the vaccine will be a requirement for employment at BHS.

And here is another comment in an email E-City Beat received yesterday:

“They are Mandating a vaccine that has not been approved from the FDA besides for emergency use. We do not know the long term effects of the vaccine because it has only been out for a few months. They do not know how long the vaccine will last and how many booster shots you may need.

There is so much still unknown about these vaccines but they are in a rush to make all employees get vaccinated.

Benefis says to refer to the CDC for the latest facts. On the CDC website it states ” Getting vaccinated is a personal choice” so why are Benefis employees in jeopardy of losing their jobs if they refuse to get the vaccine? 

As an employee you can be deferred for medical and religious reasons but not strictly for the reason of not wanting to get it due to it being an experimental vaccine and not knowing the long term side effects.  Also it is not promised that if you put in a deferral for medical or religious reasons that it will get approved.”

Stay tuned to E-City Beat this week for more on what’s going on with the Benefis Health Systems vaccine mandate.

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  1. John Good is is something else, not in a good way!!!


  2. This was on December 10, 2020:
    How to Legally Decline A Vaccine
    1. Don’t just refuse it – you’ll be labeled an “anti-vaxxer”. Instead, pursue your legal right to have informed consent.
    2. Ask the Doctor”Does the shot have MRC-5 in it?” (They all do). These are aborted fetal cells and other DNA. If the shot contains MRC-5 you have the right to decline.
    3. Also ask, “Is there a possibility of a “Latrogenic Reaction?” (An adverse reaction caused by multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other) from the vaccine (they all do). When the Doctor says it does, thank him/her for their offer and walk away.
    Remember, Doctors have sworn the Hippocrates Oath (which is to do no harm). They must honor it.
    This is how we can legally (and respectfully) decline their offered mandated services and there is nothing they can do about it.

    Ok – I checked the sgtreport site but I don’t know how too dig around on it. Thought I’d send this info to you and see if you can find anything on it. Thanks!


    1. Thank you for this invaluable info!!! God Bless you✝️


  3. A bit Communist, are they?


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