Bullock Tilts Far-Left, Now “Open” To Packing Supreme Court

In last weekend’s debate with Sen. Steve Daines, Montana Gov. and failed presidential candidate Steve Bullock said that if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court, he would be “open” to packing the court in response.

Bullock’s justification in favor of court-packing was even more astonishing than his position itself. According to Bullock, adding justices — and breaking from 150+ years of tradition — would somehow make the nation’s highest court less political.

The Daily Wire reported:

“Do I support Amy Coney Barrett? First, I don’t support anybody — any judge — getting confirmed literally a week and a half before the election,” said Bullock, who also accused Republicans of trying to “politicize the court every step of the way.”

“We have to figure out ways to make it less [political]. So I’m open to that, and that’s anything from a judicial standards commission or we’ll look at any other thing that might be suggested, including adding justices,” he continued.

The question of court-packing is one that Democrats have refused to answer as a matter of course. Joe Biden expressed particular contempt for the citizens he intends to govern, recently snapping that voters “don’t deserve” to know if he would change the configuration of the nation’s highest court.

A Biden/Harris administration will do just that, and if elected, Steve Bullock — despite self-identifying as a centrist — will serve as a dutiful and willing enabler.

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  1. Please make sure you identify opinion as such – especially if you’re going to list the composer of such a piece as ‘ECB Staff’. Loaded phrasing such as ‘failed presidential candidate’ and ‘dutiful and willing enabler’ are not the hallmarks of a ‘news’ report, but do serve easily as the opinion of whatever ‘staff’ wrote this hit piece. Just one mans opinion.


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