Candidate McKenney Declines Answering Questions

City commission candidate Joe McKenney responded to our issue questionnaire by declining to answer the specific questions, which you can read here.

Here is McKenney’s response:

“Perception – Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your candidate questionnaire.

City Commissioner Rick Tryon frequently mentions his concern about ‘perception’ when it comes to public policy. I agree with him, perception is important.

Therefore, I’m concerned this questionnaire may give a negative perception of the Great Falls City Commission. Why? It may appear to the public that decisions are made before community engagement. Imagine yourself preparing to speak at a City Commission hearing only to find out the Commissioners have already publicly stated their vote, days or weeks, beforehand. What would be the point of having a hearing? And does that give you confidence in public involvement?

It is vital to encourage public participation as we move forward as a community. It is important everyone has a fair shake to express themselves before decisions are made. Not everyone is comfortable at a public hearing. I will make myself available both publicly and privately to listen to concerns. I am active in the community, or you may see me shopping at a local store. I urge folks to approach me with their thoughts and concerns.

Like most people I have inclinations on many of our local challenges. However, any decision I make as a City Commissioner will only be made after fully engaging interested persons on all sides of the spectrum concerning our community issues.

I look forward to serving our community.

Joe McKenney”

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