Candidate Profile: Republican Steven Galloway

Steven Galloway is the GOP candidate and incumbent running for the Montana State Legislature in Great Falls/Cascade County HD24. His opponent is Democrat Barbara Bessette:

I am a Great Falls native, third generation Montanan and married to my amazing wife Representative Lola Sheldon-Galloway. We have been married for 41 years; Lola and I started with nothing and have lived the American dream! We have 6 adult children and 15 GRANDKIDS whose future is my motivation to serve you in HD24.

Growing up I helped run a motel and was a General Contractor for twelve years. My construction background led me into purchasing real estate to remodel the properties.  All of the hard work improving properties has led me to operate rentals,  both houses and apartments for over forty-seven years. We were awarded best improved rental by Neighborworks for 2009-2010. We have other businesses consisting of a retail building-hardware store and two food service business which I have owned for over 38 years.

I love to serve and at church served as teacher, counselor, executive secretary, facilities representative over buildings, and unit auditor. Some of the places I have served in the community are on a condominium board and coached kids in sports.  

I believe hard work gets results! Needs before wants! God blesses us with talents to share by serving others.

This last legislative session allowed us to get a good start on controlling our states spending. We have a projected budget surplus of 1.4 to 1.8 billion dollars. With savings and backup accounts fully funded  it should be returned to the tax payer NOW! We need to continue to root out waste, duplicities and inefficiencies. I know how to balance budgets, cut waste, increase productivity with training and positive reinforcement!

I have experienced the tax appraisal system as a property owner and heard many of the issues as a representative from my constituents. The property tax appraisal system is inequitable and unsustainable. It needs to be overhauled.

The Republican platform aligns best with my values. I approach each issue in a non-partisan approach to see both sides of every issue. My perspective is the sum of my experiences. Your perspective will be based on your experiences. We should always be able to share our perspectives to find the BEST options. We believe in limited government, the Constitution of the United States of America and in LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

I proudly carried Veterans Bill HB-438 and 6 others signed by our Governor into law.

I have taken my elected office seriously and made this my full time job which has led me to attending many conventions, webinars and seminars to learn how to be a more effective servant as a legislator. Most of events have been at my own expense.

Committees I served on were the Local Government, Natural Resources and Business and Labor. I was assigned to Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee. ETIC  has fascinated me and led me to studying Energy and how it affects our State and Country. It’s complex and a major issue that will affect our future and one of my passions. I received a degree from the University of Idaho for attending the Legislative Energy Horizon Institute.

With Commissioner Joe McKenney’s help we organized local legislators to meet with the county and city commissions together on a regular basis to better serve YOU!

I encourage you to put me to work for YOU in the next legislature. Let me be your voice.

Steven E. Galloway

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