Candidate Profile: Steven Galloway (R) Senate District 12

Editor’s note: This is the first in our series of profiles for local legislative candidates. Each state House and Senate candidate in the Great Falls area was given the opportunity to submit, in their own words, a brief profile outlining why they’re running, what party they represent and why they are the best candidate for the position. You can see the full list of local candidates here.

Democrat Carlie Boland is the other candidate in Senate District 12 and she did not respond to our request for a profile. 

1.Why am I running for office?                                                                                  First and foremost to bring COMMON SENSE SOLUTIONS to the issues faced by our state! I have been blessed to have been married almost 37 years to my wonderful wife and raised our six children in Great Falls. We have been blessed by our businesses and I want to give back by serving in Montana’s Senate district #12. Lola Sheldon-Galloway my beautiful wife currently serves as a representative in House District 22. Supporting her in her role in the last session I have been inspired to also participate in our privileged right of self government. Sharing in her experience in the last session has educated me and prepared me in the processes of our legislature. Please do your part as a citizen of the greatest country on Earth and participate by registering and voting in our electoral process!

2.Why am I running as a Republican?
We believe in limited government! We believe that our state’s financial woes are not from lack of taxes but rather from over spending, lack of planning and lack of oversight. We believe in reducing government. Local issues are best addressed by local government! We believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

3. What makes me the best candidate in this race? First, I am 3rd generation Montanan, hometown boy, born and raised in Great Falls and want to see it be even greater.
I want to apply my business management experience and knowledge from twelve years in construction trades, over thirty years in food service, over thirty years in retail building materials and hardware sales, over 42 years as a landlord and in property management. I know how to balance budgets, cut waste, increase productivity with training and positive reinforcement!

I have served as a boy scout leader, coached kids in many sports, served in our church as a teacher, counselor, executive secretary and auditor.

My sister Susan Galloway was murdered in 1982, that very trying experience taught me how our justice system functions and what empathy is. Our family has had to testify at parole hearings many times to keep her killer out of our society. Our family has missed her so much!

I have learned it is absolutely necessary to look beyond the obvious when passing legislation to understand the cause and effect it will have on current and future generations. My parents instilled in me a relentless work ethic. The world has given me many trials to over come and the Lord has blessed me to understand He can make up the difference, if I give my best! I am always willing to listen and work to have a common prospective on issues.

So my simple mantra is I will bring COMMON SENSE SOLUTIONS.
I encourage you to vote for me.

for Senate seat #12

Please share your thoughts, insights and concerns with me at

Let’s all get involved! We need your help with yard signs, phone calls, mailers, going door to door or even host a social for my campaign!
Thank you for your time!


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