Candidate Profiles: George Anthony Schultz (R) And Dominick Snell (R) – Cascade County Commissioner

Editor’s note: This is another in our series of profiles for local Cascade County candidates. Each county office candidate was given the opportunity to submit, in their own words, a brief profile outlining why they’re running, what party they represent and why they are the best candidate for the position. 

Here are the County Commissioner profiles. Democrat and incumbent Jane Weber and Republican Joshua Eli are the other candidates for Cascade County Commisisoner and did not respond to our request for a profile.

George Anthony Schultz


2. The aggressive & vigilant maintenance & continuance of ALL private property ownership & rights

3. Defeating City Hall & corruption is accomplished with your voting ballot at the ballot box

I’m running to infuse and provide a new information stream that fosters an environment where ethics, integrity and dignity can flourish.

The G.O.P leads all other political parties in defending and continuing our Bill of Rights and Constitution, further securing our private property ownership and property rights !

I will bring troubleshooting and problem solving skills to the office with a special emphasis on remedy, relief and resolution to all conflicts and disputes concerning land, housing, property, real Estate.

These type of conflicts should be settled before the sun goes down. I will be posting writings on a variety of topics including a proposal for a “ Sunset Policy”, to resolve disputes before the sun goes down at

Dominick Snell

The main reason as to why I would want to run for County Commissioner is that I want to see Great Falls and Cascade County flourish and become prosperous again. I have become tired of the Status Quo with the elected officials and there needs to be change. The main change is to bring The People’s Voice back into the government. It has been long standing that the elected officials have stopped listening to The People who have voted them in. The promises that are said during campaigns are usually not fulfilled when the person is elected into office and this must change.

I am running as a Republican because I myself see this side of the political spectrum to be more in line with my views. I do believe in less government and less taxation from The People that pay those taxes. I firmly believe that The People have the say in government and that government is only there to enforce what The People want, not the other way around. I also uphold the Constitution, without change, as the full Right of The People and should not be changed or taken away. I also hold a very Conservative view on matters concerning economic and sociological standpoints. Therefore, I am running as a Republican because that is what I am in thinking and ideology.

I see myself as a solid candidate mainly because I am not a Politician and do not think like one. I was born here in Great Falls, did my higher education in Great Falls, I love Great Falls, and live in Great Falls. I want to be the Voice of the People in the government. I would like to see Great Falls become what it once was as a booming economy with great job growth as well as an influx of new people coming in. Now, we are the most boring town in Montana with stagnant growth across the board. I still see Great Falls becoming a wonderful place to stay and grow with but that is only if the elected officials would listen to what is needed by The People and not what they want.

I know that I can, with a clear and logical head, look at the budget of Cascade County and trim the excess to bring more for less. I know that by looking at the budget and seeing where the frivolous is being spent as well as the incompetent is being funded and then get rid of both to save the tax payers from another levee or even reduce the ones that we have. I know that I can be the one to turn the elected officials around to start to listen to The People again.

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