Candidate Profiles: John Abarr (R) And Ed Buttrey (R) House District 21

Editor’s note: This is another in our series of profiles for local legislative candidates. Each state House and Senate candidate in the Great Falls area was given the opportunity to submit, in their own words, a brief profile outlining why they’re running, what party they represent and why they are the best candidate for the position. You can see the full list of local candidates here.

Democrat Leesha Ford and Republican Rickey D. Linafelter are the other candidates in House District 21 and did not respond to our request for a profile.

John Abarr

John Abarr

Age 48, Divorced, two adult kids, lived in Great Falls for 20 years. Home town Jordan, MT.

Three years of college. Occupation, political consultant.

White civil rights activist. Republican most of my life. I am very conservative. Willing to work with Trump Democrats and other conservatives of any party.

If nothing else I would like to fix it so elderly people 60 and older don’t have to pay state property tax if they have less than $100,000 in assets.

Please take a look at to see my whole platform.

If you have any questions please call me at 406-868-8576.

Ed Buttrey

Ed Buttrey

I have been honored to serve as Senator of SD11. In that role I have passed critical legislation in the areas of workforce development, healthcare, military, employment law, education, telemedicine, veteran benefits, prescription drug reform, transportation, liquor/gaming law, tax reform and in many other areas to benefit those that I represent. I understand complex policy and have been in leadership in each of my legislative sessions.

I work hard each day for my constituents and to ensure a better Montana for each of us, our children, and generations to come. There is more work to be done, and I am running and asking for the honor to continue as Representative, working for the people of HD21.

I am a Republican, and have been a businessman, and job creator throughout my entire professional career. I believe that responsible government should be run like a business, focusing on efficiency and performance, with accountability at all levels.  Government must exist to support, not obstruct our businesses and citizens.

As a Republican Legislator, I also believe that we must hear input from all sides, consider best options, and legislate in a way that benefits all Montanans. I am not an ideologue, or someone that believes that anyone has the best solution, before listening to those that are affected. I can solve problems, but know that by listening more than talking, we can come up with great solutions. This is how we run our businesses, and how we can succeed in Government.

Conservative ideals, thoughtful consideration of issues, hard work, and holding all parties accountable are the cornerstones of my party and are why I am proudly running as a Republican. As a Legislator, however, I have and will always respect and honor my duty to represent all those that live in HD21, regardless of political affiliation.

Ultimately, it takes 51 House Members, 26 Senators, 1 Governor and 4 Court Justices to ensure that any bill becomes law. Many running for office make grand promises for change, but ultimately are unsuccessful in the process. Simply put, I know how to get Legislation across the finish line. I am a policy Legislator and have carried some of the most complex legislation brought in front of the Legislature during my tenure. I have fought and passed legislation creating jobs, and fighting for education, businesses, Veterans, infrastructure, our military missions and other items that you have told me are important.

I will listen to all viewpoints, will fight hard for you, and will succeed for you. In this time of change at the Federal and State levels, it is important to elect representatives that can hit the ground running, that can get the job done, and will work above all for the people they represent.

I am honored to have represented you for the past 8 years and humbly ask for the honor to continue to serve as the Representative for HD21. 

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