Cascade County Democrats Melt Down After Jesse Slaughter Breaks Up With Them

If you had asked a local Democrat just a week ago to rate Sheriff Jesse Slaughter’s job performance, they would have gushed about him — as Republicans would have, too, since Slaughter and his Undersheriff, Cory Reeves, have proven to be clearly capable, no matter the letter after their names. Anyone who is not a hopelessly craven mediocrity can appreciate steady law enforcement, which our community has in spades.

Now, though, the Cascade County Democratic Central Committee (CCDCC), led by a person called Ron Szabo, thinks Slaughter should resign.

What changed? It wasn’t because of a scandal, or police brutality, or “white supremacy,” or anything to do with actual policy.

No, it’s because Slaughter no longer wished to associate with the radical, Jasmine Taylor wing of the local Democrat Party. For that, and for not swearing absolute fealty to Szabo and the CCDCC bosses, Slaughter is now — according to them — unfit for office and should surrender his badge.

The Trib’s David Murray wrote a good piece detailing the CCDCC’s emotional and whiny response. A few things are worth highlighting.

First, CCDCC’s statement baselessly accuses Slaughter of violating the law: “We witnessed statements and actions that were not only inconsistent with the values and positions of Cascade County Democrats, but with the Rule of Law itself.” Szabo does not identify what law was breached, of course (Slaughter did no such thing); he just relies on the smear, that yes, Slaughter acted contrary to the “Rule of Law.” Apparently in Bizzaro Democrat World, distancing oneself from antifa-loving zealotry is on par with a crime.

Second, Szabo’s puerile screed includes high sounding rhetoric about the First Amendment: “Any individual in this community – whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent –  has the right to express his/her views without fear within the parameters provided by the courts.” Any individual except for Jesse Slaughter, that is.

Third, Szabo told Murray that Democrats had concerns about Slaughter over the years — concerns that troubled them so deeply, we are only hearing about them only now, just after Slaughter left the party.

Fourth, Szabo suggested that Slaughter’s dissent with Taylor’s moronic antifa post — and this is truly rich — put Taylor’s life in jeopardy: “Finally, as Sheriff, Mr. Slaughter should be concerned with the safety and well-being of EVERYONE in the county. By making political ‘hay’ of an individual’s Facebook post, he put a target on the back of a citizen of Cascade County whose protection is in his care. Professional ethics should put him above that.” Presumably, Szabo would like you to ignore his self-righteous posturing about free speech at this point. And if you’re keeping score, blowback from deliberately controversial posts should rest not with the publisher, but with anyone who has the temerity to disagree with them.

Fifth, Szabo correctly pointed to Taylor’s right to publish anything she wishes as a private citizen. However, Szabo also could have clarified, “We are not the party of antifa.” But he didn’t, because they are. It’s the party of Jasmine Taylor, Barbara Bessette, and Melissa Smith — radicals and losers of every single legislative race in Cascade County in 2020. No wonder Slaughter left them.

Add it all up, and it’s clear that Slaughter’s “crime” has nothing to do with law enforcement; it’s because he didn’t shut up and obey his Democrat masters.

Good for him.

Posted by Philip M. Faccenda

Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.

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8 Replies to “Cascade County Democrats Melt Down After Jesse Slaughter Breaks Up With Them”

  1. Kathy Meadors June 21, 2021 at 9:36 AM

    Absolutely correct. Gore the ox when the pen is opened! As you said they gushed about this man ……now they gore him! He is a super Sheriff and citizen. I stand behind him for showing courage to challenge a political party and dare move on!


  2. There is absolutely no place nor room for party politics in the duty of the sheriff nor the deputy sheriff position—NONE AT ALL–Look at history !!! History has a proven record of pointing out the danger of party rule and demands. Political parties are to represent the wishes of the voting citizen not to impose the parties own political demands upon the elected. The elected must serve all the public citizen equality , regardless of personal party affiliation. Time for the sleeping giant to wake up.


  3. Never understood why we elect a sheriff based on party affiliation. It would be best to only elect them without party designation, like the school board. I am not sure if this a local or state law, but it is worth looking into.


  4. Our Sheriff did not quit the democrat party, the party quit him. It actually says a lot about Jesse Slaughter firmness in his beliefs and principals. When the party drifted way off course, he refused to just take the easy path and “go with the flow”. Think about, he had the support of both parties, a position every “politician” dreams about. But he gave up this safe position based on his beliefs of right and wrong. How much better off would we be if more of our supposed leader had the guts to act on principal, rather then sticking a finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.


  5. Jesse went full blown nutjob. He won’t be back in office when folks actually realize what he’s done. GF isn’t that crazy yet. Jesse thinks this is the Bitterroot. Jesse is profa, pro fascist. This is what he’s declared himself to be.


  6. You all seem to know Jesse really well. Ask him some time how he got along down in Stillwater County. Or better yet, ask the folks who live there. They might have a more honest opinion of the dude than you.


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