Cascade County Dems Crushed Again

On Election Day in November of 2020 Cascade County Republican candidates for the state legislature defeated every one of their Democrat opponents on the ballot, including several incumbent legislators.

It was an unprecedented red wave in Great Falls/Cascade County.

This year it was even worse for local Dems. It was a red tsunami.

Democrats lost every single contested race on the ballot.

Not only did all of the GOP incumbents retain their seats in the state legislature, even the remaining Dem incumbents went down to defeat:

  • Longtime local Democrat and incumbent state Senator Tom Jacobson was booted out by voters, losing to relatively unknown newcomer to local politics, Daniel Emrich.
  • For 16 years the Cascade County Clerk and Recorder position was held by Democrat incumbent Rina Fontana-Moore. Voters replaced Moore with yet another political GOP newcomer, Sandra Merchant.
  • Democrat stalwart Don Ryan, incumbent Cascade County Commissioner, lost his race to Rae Grulkowski.

Great Falls/Cascade County, once a blue stronghold, at least for now is a deep, ruby red.

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  1. Each and every time the current legislature errs, and they will, I will send Rep. Bob Keenan R-Bigfork a note “smile everybody, we’re running the place”.


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