Cascade County Health Board Extends COVID-19 Restrictions

On Wednesday the Cascade County City-County Board of Health voted to keep the mask mandate and mandatory 10:00 PM closing time for bars and restaurants in effect in Cascade County regardless of whether newly seated Governor Greg Gianforte eases the COVID-19 statewide restrictions in the coming days or weeks.

Read the Order here.

The action will keep former Governor Bullock’s July 2020 statewide mask mandate in effect along with Public Health Officer Trisha Gardner’s November 20, 2020 restrictions including closing times, occupancy limits, social distancing and mask requirements.

The County Public Health Officer has legal authority to impose stricter requirements than the state.

Wednesday’s order will remain in effect until Montana’s COVID infection rates fall below 25 per 100,000 for four consecutive weeks.

The current COVID-19 infection in Montana is 38 per 100,000.

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4 Replies to “Cascade County Health Board Extends COVID-19 Restrictions”

  1. Keep the masks mandate!!
    Speed up the vaccine.
    Keep original restrictions from bullock


    1. Baaaaa Baaaaa ……. Take that sheeple muzzle, face diaper and throw it in the trash. And Bullock can wipe his ass with that heath suggestion he thinks is a mandate.


  2. I am no fortune teller, nor have a crystal ball, but I have the distinct felling Trish Gardner will soon be filing for unemployment in the very near future. With all due respect lady, you have clearly overstepped your bounds and should be prepared to back up your asinine decision to pursue draconian measures such as you have with legitimate scientific research that supports it. If you are relying on what has been presented by such a corrupt, biased, and incompetent agency as the CDC or WHO, you are simply unfit to even hold the position you have. As you are displaying signs of being drunk with authoritarian power, as much as you are ignorance. I am asking for either you to rescind these restrictions effective no later than January 21st, 2021 or your resignation.


  3. Recently I contacted the Cascade County City-County Board of Health. I asked them what Ct (Cycle Threshold) is being used. The gentleman that answered said “what’s that”. I explained it to him & asked him why are these tests using a 40 or more Threshold? He hung up.

    “What is now sort of evolving into a bit of a standard,” Fauci said, is that “if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more … the chances of it being replication-[competent] are minuscule.” Also; Experts interviewed by The New York Times suggested a cutoff of 30 Ct would be appropriate. If Dr. Fauci arrived at this conclusion in July, why are labs in the United States still using up to 40 Ct. as the standard when it appears the right Ct is somewhere between 30 and 35?

    I recently tested positive for the Covid 19 (recovered at home). Masks didn’t help at all, in fact it might have been the carrier of the Virus!! I believe we have the right by LAW & the Health Dept. should be mandated to allow us get our Ct rates when tested. We get numbers for all other medical tests, i.e PSA, cholesterol etc. I also believe the POSITIVE Covid cases here in Great Falls, would come down dramatically.

    South Dakota is looking mighty good right now 😉


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