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On New Year’s Eve, a sleepy news day, Sheriff Bob Edwards tweeted Tribune reporter Seaborn Larson’s blatant inaccuracies to Tribune publisher Jim Strauss, who, to his credit, issued a swift correction.

Sheriff Edwards’ tweet does raise important questions, however. For instance, does Larson possess the mental agility to differentiate between a criminal sentence that is deferred or not? Does he know the difference between probation versus no probation? Can he objectively tell us the difference between a “guilty” versus a “not guilty” plea?

Or, does he simply have a hard on for law enforcement?

Remember when the Great Falls Police Department was at loggerheads with the Tribune over the Rescue Mission?

Who was the local reporter there, that GFPD felt it needed to publicly rebuke, in unprecedented fashion?

Seaborn Larson.

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  1. You know, one of the great things about the Beat is this, you keep your personal politics objective, and report on BOTH sides of the stories, that is the kind of integrity I look for in news! Well done!


  2. Mr. Seaborn Larson is a personal favorite of mine and I really appreciate your arrows flying true to the mark as well. Mr. Larson epitomizes everything coming from Journalism School, completely illustrative of the fact that it is the least rigorous of the Bachelor Degrees.


  3. […] we objectively pointed to an earlier instance of Larson’s Fake News, said Tribune reporter grew angsty and angry, and lambasted E-City Beat in am amusingly shameless […]


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