Far Left Great Falls Dem Takes Down Ignorant Tweet

In our continuing series exposing local politicians who talk and behave one way during campaign season and a different way when they think the spotlight isn’t on them, we once again return to Democrat Barabara Bessette, a former Great Falls state Representative.

Bessette was an incumbent who lost to GOP newcomer Steven Galloway in Cascade County’s HD 24 in 2020, although she has indicated her intention to run again in 2022.

An alert reader sent us this screenshot of one her recent Tweets.

In what world is it appropriate to re-Tweet a sickening attack calling our Montana Superintendent of Public Schools a “racist piece of shit” for commemorating Memorial Day at a veterans cemetery?

And what kind of ignorance does it take for Bessette to actually accuse Superintendent Arntzen of wanting to change the name of the Battle of the Little Bighorn to Custer’s Last Stand when Arntzen very clearly refers to it as the “Little Bighorn Battlefield…” in her post?

We checked and Bessette has removed this tweet from her Twitter page. We can certainly understand why given the irresponsible, inaccurate and inappropriate content of Bessette’s kooky, far left screed and personal assault against Arntzen.

How does a phony like Bessette ever get elected to a legislative post from Great Falls? She apparently fooled a few voters back in 2018 when she was elected but we aren’t going to allow that to happen again.

We will continue to remind voters about the actual character and political kookery of the charlatans who think no one is paying attention.

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3 Replies to “Far Left Great Falls Dem Takes Down Ignorant Tweet”

  1. A Woke Liberal Social Justice Warrior!! Typical liberal attack, use profanity and anger to deliver their message. Custer National Cemetery has veterans from many wars buried there, but getting the truth about something is not in the liberal playbook.


  2. this series is petty and boring. social media records people’s unfiltered thoughts? how shocking


  3. Wow, what a brave article. Find a social media post and write some nonsense above it. That took you what, 10 minutes? Nice hard-working journalism. You really cracked the case here. Way to go, Woodward and Bernstein.


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