First Look At Great Falls’ Local Candidates On November Ballot

Following the June 2 primary the field is now narrowed to the candidates who will appear on your November 2020 ballot less than 5 months from now.

E-City Beat will be sending all of the local candidates questions and requests for profiles and will be publishing the information for our readers.

In addition we will be doing a deep dive into the backgrounds, ideologies, and political activities of each of the candidates and reporting out what we find.

We’ll also be taking a hard look at the candidates campaign contributions and publishing the names of donors and amounts given from individuals as well as Political Action Committees.

So stay tuned for all of the information you need to become a fully informed Great Falls voter.

Here’s a first look at your candidates.

House and Senate Districts:

SD 10
Steve Fitzpatrick (R) is running unopposed.

HD 19
Wendy McKamey (R)
George Shultz (L)

HD 20
Melissa Smith (D)
Fred Anderson (R)

HD 21
Jaime Horn (D)
Ed Buttrey (R)

HD 22
Jasmine Taylor (D)
Lola Sheldron-Galloway (R)

HD 23
Brad Hamlett (D)
Scot Kerns (R)

HD 24
Barbara Bassette (D)
Steve Galloway (R)

HD 25
Jasmine Krotkov (D)
Steve Gist (R)

HD 26
Helena Lovick (D)
Jeremy Trebas (R)

County Offices

Cascade County Commission

Jim Larson (R): 11,827
Jim Stone (D): 8,972

Cascade County Clerk of Court

Tina Henry (D) running unopposed

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