Former GFPS Educator Blasts E-City Beat Followers: “Losers”

Perpetually Angry Reader Dennis Granlie is at it again. This morning, the former GFPS music teacher unleashed another broadside against E-City Beat, even attacking our readers.

While there is little doubt that Granlie derives self-edification from spewing the same personal attacks time and again, it is disappointing that he cannot move beyond the staid “losers” schtick. Even invective deserves originality.

For those who know Granlie, his preference for ad hominem attacks over substantive engagement on issues comes as little surprise — this itself, an admission of Granlie’s lack of any real ideas. While we would welcome a sincere, policy-centered discussion with Granlie, he (again) seems incapable of submitting anything but incoherent rage.

Get well soon, Mr. Granlie!

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  1. Hey, you guys don’t know what you’re taliking about. Seriously. Ever spent a full day in a jr. high band room?! LOCKED in! While they practice?! All day long?! Endlessly?! Granlie should get PTSD disability! I knew many great band teachers. I don’t know how they did it! I’m not that tough……..Or deaf!

  2. You sir have some serious issues! If you had 1/10 of the positive impact this man has had on the community you simply wouldn’t be called a loser. Spend your time generating positive for your community instead of bashing those that are and have dedicated their life to it! It’s far easier to criticize others than it is to put yourself out there and deliver your own results.

    • Yeah, let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya while we stick our heads in the sand and ignore the hypocrisy, ineptitude, cronyism and outright fraudulent activities that happen in our community.

      This forum is for discussion of community issues, so all of you ECityBeat haters, consider writing something substantive that will contribute to the discussion, instead of ad hominem attacks. Otherwise, it hard to take you seriously.

      • OK. Have you ever taught school? Apparently not. We LOVE our teachers, for you see they take our recalcitrant bratty kids and somehow turn them into responsible adults who can actually read! And much more! Don’t ask me how they do it but they do. It’s magic! And they used to be revered in this state until that idiot Rob Natelson showed up with his anti-government crap. I taught in probably thirty different schools in this state either as a sub or a contract teacher, and I NEVER once saw a bad teacher. All I saw was over worked professionals who devoted their lives to kids. YOUR kids and my kids, and now my grandkids. And for that they were paid CRAP! I remember my neighbor used to tell me that he made more as the manager at Sandys hamburger joint in Billings than he did teaching. But when I got my first teaching check, I went down to the office to check, for I thought there had been a mistake. Nope, it was right. I was poverty stricken! You see, teachers in small town Montana are among the lowest paid workers in the state. Yet, they are the most overworked! Teaching is just one of your duties. If you are also a coach, which I was, you leave home at seven in the morning and DON’T return home most nights until eight or eight thirty! Weekends forget it. You’re traveling to meets and games. And summers? You had to go back to college, ALL paid out of your meager wage. I never saw my OWN kids grow up except occasionally! But we did it because we loved kids. Please. Watch your gratuitous attacks on teachers, for it’s wrong and your site will lose credibility. Go to the BB tournaments and watch teachers and education in action. You will have a new appreciation for what they do. They take their love, skill, and enthusiasm and put it into those kids! Sorry that this site can’t appreciate that. I think you guys are better than that.

        • I have nothing against teachers and had family members that were teachers, but FYI, Mr. Granlie took the first shot with his name-calling. I would hope that an educator, or former educator, would set a better example for discourse than resorting to personal attacks, but maybe that’s asking for too much.

        • Larry-
          Thank you for being a teacher. Being a good teacher is like being a minnow in a pool full of sharks at feeding time. That minnow will have to swim harder and out think every shark in that pool to survive.
          The sharks get the accolades while the minnows do all the work with blood, sweat and tears. You guys don’t get paid enough for the crap you have to deal with. Most teachers don’t teach for the money…… cause it’s not there.
          I get frustrated at times with how some teachers demoralize students- but for the most part- I respect the job of teaching.
          I don’t like being called a deplorable, confused, uncaring, etc. Because of my personal or political consciousness. Not that you called me any names… just a generic statement against those who don’t like my opinion.

  3. Since our local news stations seem to either miss or gloss over what’s really happening, this site and the Electric fill the void for real news. As for Mr. Granlie, guess he missed the part about education being “the free, open exchange of ideas and views.” So we can no longer agree to disagree and still remain civil towards one another?

    • Mike, I don’t think you were here at the time, but we had a school shooting back in the eighties in Lewistown. A deranged kid brought a gun to school to kill his French teacher. Problem was that she had a sub that day. She opened the door and he blew for head off in front of the class anyway! Got the wrong teacher, but he didn’t care. Then, the assistant principal went after the shooter, and was shot and in the stomach with a .357 magnum. Sure, it was a desperate thing to do, but that was his job! He sacrificed himself for his kids, which was more than them wussy cops but in Florida did. He eventually survived, but died some years later. The education community in Montana was quite small back then, and we all knew each other . That man did what ANY teacher would have done. He protected his kids. So, before we start bashing teachers, stop and think for a moment. Would YOU do what he did for someone else’s kid do?


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