GOP Primary Candidate Profiles: HD21, Ed Buttrey

Editors note: All of the local Great Falls/Cascade County legislative and county commission contests in the June 4 primary election are Republican. HD21 candidate James Osterman did not submit a profile to E-City Beat. Here is the profile submitted by incumbent Ed Buttrey, unedited:

Personal Bio:

I am a 4th generation Montanan, born in Helena and raised in Great Falls.  I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, and formerly worked out of State as a weapon’s systems designer.  Thankfully, I was able to return to Montana, where I get to live, work, raise my family and realize the beauty of Montana every day. 

I have served in the Montana State House since 2019, and formerly served in the Montana Senate (2011-2018) where I have held leadership positions in each of my legislative sessions.  I served as a two-term Majority Whip in the Montana Senate and currently serve as the Chairman of the Senate Business, Labor and Economic Affairs Committee as well as a member of the House Rules Committee, the House Health and Human Services Committee and the State Broadband Committee.

I have also served as a member of many community boards, as a Fire Department Captain, Emergency Medical Technician, Search and Rescue Diver, Chairman of the Great Falls International Airport Authority, and as a varsity football coach and radio announcer.  This service is only due to the amazing support of my wife Jessica, daughters Kenzy, Macy, TayLee and mother Joan, all living locally in Great Falls. 

Reasons for Running for Office:

As an advocate for public service, I continually strive to find unique solutions and ways to help the people in our community and HD21.  Becoming a member of the Montana Legislature has been a great honor and has allowed me to learn more about the issues and needs of our State and the people who call it home.  The Legislature has offered a unique opportunity to enact policies in Economic Development, Healthcare, protecting our Military assets and families, and to promote for the well-being of Montana families.  I thoroughly enjoy finding solutions to help people and this is why I have run and continue to run for public office.   

Top Challenges:

In these trying political times, there are a number of challenges faced by our community and State that I hope to address in the upcoming Legislative session.  First of all, we are facing an economic crisis nationwide and statewide where the costs of living (food, fuel, housing, taxes) are providing challenges for everyone.  Through responsible budgeting, regulation relief, and tax reform we can ensure that Montanans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money.  I am working hard with others on a plan to finally implement a property tax system that is affordable, responsible and fair. 

We must also keep State and local government responsible and efficient, getting out of the way of business innovation and success, promoting housing development with regulation relief, and ensuring that we have a healthy and reliable workforce for our businesses.  Government can be part of the solution, and should help when needed, but more importantly should get out of the way to allow for individual responsibility and innovation, and to let our families and businesses succeed. 

Finally, we have critical issues with drug related crime and mental health.  While some may choose to bury their heads in the sand and hope these issues go away, the truth is that these issues are impacting everyone in our Montana communities.  If re-elected, I will continue to work to ensure that resources are available to provide help for those that need it, want it and are willing to do the work.  Everyone deserves a chance to succeed, to be respected and to contribute to the success of our great State. 

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