GOP Primary Candidate Profiles: SD13, Lola Galloway

Editors note: All of the local Great Falls/Cascade County legislative and county commission contests in the June 4 primary election are Republican. SD13 candidate Josh Kassmier did not submit a profile to E-City Beat. Here is the profile submitted by Lola Galloway, unedited:

What issues seem most important to your constituents during this campaign season? 

•Property taxes, thus losing assets to pay taxes

•Cost of living increasing everyday 

•Criminals illegally coming to our communities thus, squatters occupying vacant homes in our communities bringing drugs and the increase of criminal activities. 

•Medical costs, unaffordable insurance premiums and deductibles; Medical professionals’ required paperwork and not being paid by the federal program in a timely fashion, hurting their ability to pay their staff and stay in business. 

What topics need to be the Montana State Legislature’s top priorities in 2025?

•Refunding the  surplus from collected taxes and lowering future taxes, Property tax assessments

•Montana’s vulnerability to an energy shortage; what is the solution to make and keep energy made here in Montana? 

•Getting people back to work and lack of a labor force; too many don’t need to work because of government providing their basic needs if they stay below poverty level. 

My goal as a legislator is to get the citizens educated and then actively involved in the legislative process through open mic meetings, one on one training on how to electronically follow the bill process, look up and contact your legislators,  having YOUR VOICE back in government. 

I’m here to be THAT kind of a Senator for you.

Lola Galloway

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