Great Falls Dem Candidate Says Cancel Rogan And Billionaires Shouldn’t Have Money

As the 2022 election draws closer, local candidates for the Montana state legislature are rolling out their campaigns.

One Great Falls candidate, Democrat for HD23 Melissa Smith, is busy on Twitter making her views public.

Following are a couple of screenshots of Tweets from Smith posted just in the last two days and sent to E-City Beat by a reader.

Does the Spotify/Joe Rogan kerfuffle have an impact on the issues facing voters in Great Falls House District 23, and if so how would Smith address that impact in the Montana state legislature?

Does Smith have more than one reason that “billionaires should not have money”? Should Melissa Smith get to decide who has money and how much they are allowed to have?

We look forward to hearing more of Smith’s ‘ideas’ and sharing them with Great Falls residents, especially the voters in HD23.

Stay tuned for lots more interesting and revealing content about local political candidates as we continue our coverage of Election 2022.


  1. Thank you ECB, for your coverage of the candidates in this up coming election.

    e.g. Great Falls candidate, Democrat for HD23 Melissa Smith; (Great Picture)!!
    She doesn’t even have to campaign, the picture says it all !!
    BTW Melissa; the mask looks real good on you 😉

  2. Democrat candidate, Melissa Smith, who is running for the Legislature (HD23) stated “billionaires should not have money”. This gave me a real chuckle today. If billionaires did not have money doesn’t that mean they would NOT be billionaires???!!! Just saying! j parker


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