Great Falls Democrat Activist Smears Cops As Racist Cowards, Calls For Defund

Editor’s note: The cover photo for this story shows Jasmine Taylor (right) posing with Cascade County Democrat Central Committee Vice Chair Helena Lovick for their wtf406 blog.

On Friday morning E-City received an email containing screenshots of several posts on a Facebook page called ‘Jasmine Taylor For Montana’.

Taylor is a Cascade County Democrat Central Committee precinct captain in precinct 22A in Great Falls, according to the CCDCC website.

She also ran for state legislature in 2020 and for Great Falls city commission in 2019, losing both times.

Below are the screenshots of the Taylors posts from this week.

“Everything about our country’s policing system is shameful…I will say again, defund the police.” – Jasmine Taylor, Cascade County Democrat Precinct Captain

The full text of Taylor’s post on the above screenshot.

Taylor implies cops are racist by sharing this:

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6 Replies to “Great Falls Democrat Activist Smears Cops As Racist Cowards, Calls For Defund”

  1. Is this the lady with the Jewish space lasers, because that’s some crazy shit.


  2. Jasmine Taylor is not for Montana she is a political hack that is trying to get her name out thier off of a tragedy. SHAME on you. We need to defund these kind of politicians and keep them out of office. YOUR THE PROBLEM.


  3. Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.
    Thought I left ALL the Jasmine’s East of the Mississippi River, over 20yrs. ago lo 🙁
    Paper Ballots (hand counted) is the only way to keep them at bay, it’s that simple 😉


  4. Tim Dallacqua June 3, 2022 at 8:54 AM

    In real life what does “defund the police” actually mean to you Jasmine? What would that look like?


  5. Jasmine Taylor you are only trying to get your name out there to further your own political agendas. Good luck…NOT…I do believe that most people will see you are nothing more than a political opportunist. What does the terrible tragedy in Uvalde have to do with our law enforcement in Montana. It certainly has nothing to do with Great Falls and our law enforcement ( and remember we in Great Falls are NOT Billings) . Our city and county law enforcement do an awesome job. Defund them???…Are you kidding…and who do we call when we are threatened by unlawful people?…YOU??? Get serious and mature to be a thinking and reasonable adult. Learn about what you speak of BEFORE you speak…and have a nice day.


  6. […] the Cascade County Democratic Central Committee, and far left activist and CCDCC precinct captain Jasmine Taylor were among the most […]


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