Great Falls Dems: F-bombs Okay For We, But Not For Thee

Ken Toole, writer and co-founder of the local kooky, far left Democrat wtf406 blog wins “Local Hypocrite of the Year” – hands down.

In his recent rant on wtf406 Toole plops out his phony angst over his 11 year old grandson seeing a “F*** Biden” sign on a pickup truck at an area boat ramp.

Let’s see, “FJB” is objectionable to the guy who helps run “WTF406″. Got it?

An f-bomb sign on a truck at a boat ramp in Montana offends Toole’s delicate sensitivities but a logo and website name that broadcasts out to the the entire internet an acronym that everyone understands as “what the f***” is okay. Yeah, they wink and say the “f” is for “funk”. How clever.

Presumably Toole doesn’t allow his grandson to read his wtf406 blog because the f-bombs there are prolific. Apparently, the bloggers at wtf406 think that cursing on their blog makes them cool and more believable as “activists”. Here are a few examples:

Headline from wtf406 screamer and Cascade County Democratic Central Committee precinct captain, Jasmine Taylor:

And here’s one from Cascade County Democratic Central Committee Chair, Helena Lovick from her 6/24/2024 wtf406 rant:
“It is likely one or two fucking pieces of shit putting up those stickers.”

And a couple of more from Jasmine Taylor just from February, this year:
Some might question if it’s wrong to target Neo-Nazis to limit their access to society’s little pleasures. Short answer- Fuck no.”  – wtf406 2/14/2024

The times, they are a…fucking disappointment mostly...Suddenly, a whole swath of people who never gave a fuck about carbon emissions are out holding hands with Greta Thunberg.” – wtf406 2/11/2024

And another from Dem Chair Lovick:
But the city commission wasn’t done fucking around with these volunteer board members.” – wtf406 10/04/2023

One more from Dem Precinct Chair Jasmine Taylor:
Fuck Elon Musk.” (an FEM from WTF!) – wtf406 10/23/2023

Last but not least, here’s a 10/2022 post on the “Jasmine Taylor For Montana” Facebook page, Toole’s wtf406 partner, the place where she regularly promotes the wtf406 nutty, unhinged, profanity laced tirades:

I could go on, and on…and on, but you get the point. If not, then just go to the wtf406 blog and type in the “f” word in their articles search bar, the one with the little magnifying glass.

And of course there is no age disclaimer for the wtf406 blog site – anyone of any age with access to a computer or smartphone can go to the site to read the garbage thereon, including Toole’s 11-year old grandson.

So spare us your phony sermons on how offensive an “FJB” sign is, Ken.

Posted by Philip M. Faccenda

Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.

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5 Replies to “Great Falls Dems: F-bombs Okay For We, But Not For Thee”

  1. I don’t like seeing the f word anywhere.It used to be only graffiti on bathroom walls and now I see people putting F Joe Biden on the outside of their house. Disgusting. So much for the Christian Nationals.


    1. Well, the entire point of this article just flew right by. Light-up the “christian nationals,” but the National Socialists get a pass? So much for Leftist “moral superiority.”


    2. Christian or not, that word is now in the Webster dictionary, so therefore it is a word Biden absolutely deserves, not only has he fucked the American people but it will take decades to fix what he hs fucked up! So pull up your big girl pants and open your eyes but take a breath when you open them you just might see the real ND how tucked up it really is !!


  2. I don’t use the “F” word, but seeing something like that regarding our sitting President is in extremely poor taste. Also, FYI, Jasmine is a precient person but not a precient captain.


  3. FJB, he’s the worst POS President this country has ever had. If you didn’t want to see the F Bomb shouldn’t have read the article.


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