Great Falls GOP Candidate Buttrey Answers Abortion & Other Questions

Last month E-City Beat emailed all Great Falls state legislative candidates requesting responses to three questions.

We received responses from three candidates – Tony Rosales (Libertarian HD22), Ed Buttrey (Republican HD21), and Fred Anderson (HD20).

Today we are publishing Ed Buttrey’s responses. You can also read his candidate profile here.

Question One – Which position on abortion most closely describes the kind of legislation you would support in the Montana state legislature? Please choose only one option and feel free to briefly explain or expand on your views.

  1. Abortion should be legal for any reason at any time during pregnancy, including up until birth, with no exceptions.
  2. Life begins at conception and abortion should not be legal at any time for any reason.
  3. Abortion should be illegal after 12-14 weeks into a pregnancy except in cases of rape, incest, or life threatening risk to the mother.

If these were the only selections, I would likely support option 3.  I am a Pro-Life Republican, however I do believe that we need to consider real risks to the life and well-being of the mother.  If the life of the mother is truly at risk, if the mother has experienced the horrors of rape or incest, there needs to be consideration in the law.  Life of the baby is precious, but so is the life of the mother.  As a person that was fortunate to be adopted by a great family, I hope and support all that we can do to give every soul a chance at a life. 

Question Two – Describe what you will do if elected to address the lack of affordable housing in Montana. What specific legislation would you put forward or support to tackle this issue?

Affordable housing is a key component for the State to have a good and reliable workforce.  There exists a lot of need for affordable housing, but as we can see in Great Falls, the private sector is stepping up to the task. It will take some time for these contractors to design, permit, build and complete these projects, but we are finally seeing some results (the Lofts at the Station, Discovery Meadows, Touro College Student Housing, Highland Development, Ponderosa Place, Arc Apartments, etc.). 

There are some Federal moneys that can be used by the State to assist developers, but these moneys are short term and will cease over time. I think the Legislature and State should look to incentivize private investment in workforce housing by providing tax benefits to those that invest.  These benefits will seek to increase private investment, which then reduces the amount of financing needed by the developers, incentivizes more project starts and should ultimately lower the cost of housing for those living in these developments.

Question Three – Describe in what way and on which issues you would ‘reach across the aisle’ to implement solutions for your constituents.

The majority of items that we deal with in the Legislature are not politically divided. There are issues, however, that politically polarize the Legislature. Some of these items even divide the political parties themselves. I have always been a solutions-minded Legislator, and believe through hard work, diligence and an open mind, I can contribute to the well-being and success of our citizens. 

Listening to others, including those in other parties, often helps create a better solution. For solutions in healthcare, workforce, education, budget (HB2) and other key areas, I will always reach across any divide in an effort to find the best and most cost-effective solution for our citizens.

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