Great Falls Man Fired From Job After Protesting At LGBTQ+ Event

Editors note: E-City Beat received the following email on July 28th. The ‘blog’ referred to in the email from Mr. Ross published a post which urged the public to contact his employer. The blog is run by Cascade County Democratic Central Committee Chair Helena Lovick and former/current Democrat Party candidate and precinct captain Jasmine Taylor.

“My name is William Ross and I live in Great Falls. On June 24th, I protested against the first ever “Pride Festival” in Great Falls. I acted within the law and was exercising my First Amendment right on my own time. I was not arrested nor was I questioned by the police.

During my protest, I was threatened multiple times and was twice assaulted. On July 18th, the organizers of the “Pride Festival”, led by failed local politician Jasmine Taylor, published a blog post with my information, including where I worked. The post encouraged others to call in and complain about me. By the 21st, I had been fired from my job.

My former boss informed me that I was being terminated, not for my work performance, but because of the wording on my sign. I lost my job because I exercised my rights in a lawful manner, on my own time. What is the point of having free speech if people can lose their jobs over it?

People should not be afraid to voice their opinions, regardless of what they are.  

Thank you,
William Ross”