Great Falls Mayoral Candidates Political Party Affiliations

A question that is frequently asked of local candidates running for non-partisan seats for mayor and city commission is, “What political party do you belong to?”.

Party designation is not required for commission/mayor candidates and there will be no ‘D’ or ‘R’ by their names on the upcoming November ballot. Nevertheless, many voters consider party affiliation and history as a factor in their decision even when voting for non-partisan offices.

The following is a rundown of on-record political party affiliation for the Great Falls mayoral candidates. Commission candidates will be featured in the next installment on E-City Beat.

All campaign finance reports can be found here.

Abby Brown

Past political party experience: None.
Brown is the only mayor/commission candidate to list a party affiliation (Republican) on her State COPP C1 report.

Party associated campaign donors: None

Joe McKenney

Past political party experience: Served 4 terms as a Republican legislator in the Montana House of Representatives. Active in the Cascade County Republican Central Committee and the local Pachyderm Club.

Party associated campaign donors:

  • Fred Anderson, GOP state representative.
  • Russ Miner, GOP state representative.
  • Mark Noennig, former GOP state representative.
  • Ron Devlin, former GOP state representative.
  • Gene Thayer, former GOP state senator.
  • Steve Fitzpatrick, GOP state senator.
  • Scott Sales, former GOP state legislator.
  • Kristen Juras, GOP Lt. Governor.

Cory Reeves

Past political party experience: Ran as Undersheriff with Jesse Slaughter on Democrat ticket, Slaughter changed parties to GOP during his first term.

Party associated campaign donors:

  • Fred Anderson, GOP state representative.
  • Jesse Slaughter, GOP Cascade County Sheriff.

Casey Schreiner

Past political party experience: Served 4 terms as a Democrat legislator in the Montana House of Representatives, including as Democrat House Minority Leader. Ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic primary for MT Governor (dropped out), ran unsuccessfully for MT Lt. Governor on 2020 Democrat Cooney ticket, ran unsuccessfully for MT state senate in 2022 as a Great Falls Democrat. Active in Cascade County Democratic Central Committee.

Party associated campaign donors:

  • Jacob Bachmeier, former Democrat state legislator and candidate.
  • Anders Blewett, former Democrat state legislator.
  • Sheila Hogan, Executive Director Montana Democratic Party.
  • Helena Lovick, Chairman Cascade County Democratic Central Committee.
  • Rio Aagaard-Shively, field representative for Senate Democrat Jon Tester.
  • Schreiner uses ActBlue to raise funds for his mayoral campaign. According to Wikipedia ActBlue is “…an American nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables left-leaning nonprofits, Democratic candidates, and progressive groups to raise money from individual donors on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software.”



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