Great Falls Public Library Drag Queen Story Hour Video Reappears – See It Here

This afternoon E-City Beat received the following message from one of our readers:

“Your article about the library drag queen video said the video had been removed but when I clicked on the link it went to the video…”

When we published Jeni Dodds article last Friday we confirmed that the video appeared to have been removed and was no longer available, as Dodd stated. After receiving the above message from a reader we checked again and the video is now available for some reason.

Here is the video of local drag queens the Mister Sisters reading stories to children for Pride Week 2021 via a video sponsored and promoted by the Great Falls Public Library “Kids’ Place!” and hosted on their web site and YouTube channel.

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  1. If you click under the video for more information, the library’s explanation of the missing video is at the very bottom and it states: “As with some other old Library videos, the 2021 Family Pride Week videos were set to private. We are not exactly sure when that transition was made. They are set back to public for everyone to view if they wish.” So it does prove it was missing (set to private) at one point.


  2. The video reappeared like magic…hmmmm….. wonder why? Perhaps the pressure was on and it could no longer be considered private. The library desires to add on to the childrens’ area in the library. Why? The area is spacious and often times very empty of children.

    But I ask you does a “Drag Queen story time” align with Montana Early Childhood Learning.Standards set by the Montana Office of Public Education. No it does not. Children are curious. They wonder why the reader is dressed up in an unfamiliar outfit and why they look different than anyone they have seen.Their attention is on the reader ,not the content of the story. I also wonder what book was chosen as well. It is inappropriate for the library to have “Drag queen story time.” The library should use quality literature and craft activites that DO NOT include social issues of the left. Children develop print awareness, begin to recognize letters , and sounds in books that are quality, age-appropreate literature. It is not to time to introduce them to “Drag Queens” and make a Queen crafts. The childrens’ area is very large now with plenty of room for librarians to read good quality books to children ,discuss letters, sounds, and promote a love of books and standards-based learning.

    I also want to disucss the inappropriate books I found in the Gt. Falls Public Library. Go to the search link for books and type in a topic unfit for children. Type in key words that would make a book inappropriate for students. Here is the link for the High School library as well. They too have books that should not be in a public school library.

    Save our kids..not by passing a levy, not by endorsing inapropriate activities and books at the library, but by becoming involved in your child’s life.
    ; ask questions, make sure they check out appropriate books and read them a classic book that brings joy to everyone.


  3. This is called, “Very Wrong”. Stop trying to brain wash children, especially the very young.


  4. The book is I Am Jazz, a heartfelt true story of the little boy (assigned at birth the wrong gender) who is now a teenage girl and reality TV star.


  5. […] event at Malmstrom took place during the same approximate time period, Pride Week 2021, that the Great Falls Public Library hosted and promoted a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ on their public YouTube Kids Place! […]


  6. […] should be noted that the stories read by the local drag queens during 2021 ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for kids sponsored your public library were not innocent Mother Goose or Humpty Dumpty tales – they […]


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