Hate-Filled Creepy Comments

We have in the past featured ‘Angry Reader Comments’, but in yesterday’s piece by Phil Faccenda on this blog, the comment section contained some truly bizarre comments that go beyond angry.

Here is an example of one such comment:

“You have the thinnest, greyest, unhealthiest looking skin I have ever seen…”?

This isn’t just juvenile, it’s seething with hatred and downright creepy.

Who says stuff like that? Well, by reading the comment thread on the post, and we suggest you read the piece and the thread, it’s pretty obvious that the anonymous creepy poster is someone with detailed knowledge of the incident referred to in the piece.

No need to make too many guesses as to who that could be, is there?

Stay tuned.


  1. This letter is: “creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky; it’s altogether ooky. Oh well, just an opinion from a strong woman, who thinks Ricky/Rick is just fine on the outside and the inside.

  2. To clarify I’m not Jasmine Taylor as you do heavily imply. I have met her and have mutual friends (which is how I know the Rachel story). I don’t even live in that town anymore because of people like Rachel who get black out drunk and try to fight people, get 86’d, and then act holier than thou afterwards. She is basically a Tryon clone with an alcohol problem. And yes I think people like Rick and Phil are disgusting terrible people who can dish it out but have paper thin skin when it comes back at them. I left Great Falls shortly after people here were defending Don Petrini’s racist remarks when he was running for school board. I live in a town that is thriving and am sad to see people who truly want your city to get better get shouted down by people who are actively trying to kill Great Falls off with their attitudes and policies. Good luck Great Falls if these guys are your last great hope.

  3. Dear “Thin Skin”, You are a coward and your comments are disgusting. Everyone can understand why you choose not to identify yourself.

  4. Dear Phil, I’m disgusting? That is the pot calling the kettle black. You and Rick write hit pieces about people calling people shrill and left wing garbage but get up in arms if someone calls you out. You two are the shining definition of triggered, sad, snowflakes.


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