HD 26 Candidate Profiles: Nikolakakos & Marceau

George Nikolakakos

Office Sought: House District 26

Occupation: Businessman, U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Age: 42

Family: Wife (Melissa) Daughters (Story, Reagan, Melody, Abigail)

Education: BA, Excelsior College (U.S. History)

Military Experience: 20 years (Active USAF/Montana Air National Guard)

Organizational affiliations: NeighborWorks Montana (Director)

I’m running for office to serve others and a cause greater than self by solving problems for people. I have grown a housing business across Montana in the private sector and served our nation and state for twenty years in uniform. I am motivated to put my god given abilities to work for the greater good by making wise, careful, and truthful decisions that generate smart, conservative, free-market based solutions.

Through the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and Constitution we have a form of government that allows for strong state-level action against federal over-reach. From fiscal irresponsibility and a senseless energy policy to an inability to work together so much of today’s trouble is the result of failed federal leadership. We can fight similar dysfunction at the state level. While Americans flee places like California we can play our role in the “laboratory of states” by offering an example of a different path forward in Montana.

My experience in business drives my belief in government that is transparent, efficient, and accountable to tax-payers. We sorely need elected officials who understand the difference between smart investments and wasteful spending. Property tax relief is one of the chief concerns I hear knocking on doors every day and we must take action during the next legislative session. Additionally, as a veteran, mental health needs are close to my heart. Above all, however, economic growth and addressing our housing shortage top my list of priorities as success in “root cause” areas multiplies possibilities elsewhere.

The lack of attainable housing is slamming the brakes on our economic engine. Job creators can’t grow without employees who can afford to call Montana home. Worse yet, a generation of young families are losing hope in the prospect of homeownership, the foundation of the American dream, and a pillar of a healthy opportunity driven society.

It is past time for the state to pressure localities to deregulate restrictive zoning, move towards “by right” housing specific development/subdivision, and standardize/deregulate the use of ADUs (Additional Dwelling Units). We must also do better at encouraging skilled trades training and apprenticeships. These measures as well as a Montana Housing Tax Credit would boost construction, expand our tax base, create thousands of jobs, and offer homes for workers and Montana families. That’s a “win/win” growth and opportunity proposition. Please review additional details and my other issue positions at georgeforus.com

If elected I will never forget that I am taking a step down to serve under people, not over them. I will always act with integrity, work tirelessly to be of service to our community, and show up to listen and learn from people. I hope to earn the opportunity to serve Great Falls to the best of my ability.


Marci Marceau

Because of her innate love of Montana and the heart of a servant for her fellow Montanans, Marci Marceau is stepping up to run for the seat in HD 26. Marci believes that if enough common sense citizens stand for the state, and the way of life, we all love, this area will remain as truly one of the last best places.

Marci’s roots run deep in Central and Eastern Montana. She went to Sacajawea Elementary School in Great Falls and graduated from CMR in 1980. Like so many young people, she moved away for a short time, yet returned to Great Falls when she married Bill Marceau. Her time away from Montana made her realize the truly special nature of her home. As entrepreneurs for over a decade, they own Martin’s RV Service and Luz’s Mexican Food so Marci understands the day to day realities of successfully working with people while balancing the books.

Marci has been politically minded for many years, yet never considered being seriously engaged until recently. With Bill’s encouragement, she decided to throw her hat into the ring in an effort to support everyone who cherishes the freedoms we hold so dear. Marci believes, “The world wants to live in the United States and the United States wants to live in Montana. People love Montana because we have freedoms that we must preserve.”

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