Hypocrisy In Action: Montana Democrats Welcome Sen. Cory Booker From…New Jersey!

There’s comedy, there’s high comedy, and then there’s the Montana Democratic Party.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s Troy Carter has a story up that Montana Democrats hope will quietly just… go away. Of course, they have no one to blame but themselves:

Montana Democrats have announced that they’re bringing in a New Jersey politician for their keynote speaker at an annual fundraising event in Helena.
Executive board member Jorge Quintana tweeted Wednesday that New Jersey’s U.S. Sen. Cory Booker would be coming to the Democrats’ Mansfield-Metcalf dinner on March 18.

Gianforte’s team wasted no time in pounding away at Democrats:

By inviting Booker to Montana, the Democrats have taken their “New Jersey” attack off the table, said Brock Lowrance, Gianforte’s new congressional campaign manager.

‘Montana Democrats spent an entire election leveling false and dishonest attacks against Greg Gianforte and where he is from,’ Lowrance told the Chronicle on Thursday. ‘Being the hypocrites they are, they’ve invited a liberal senator from New Jersey to give them advice following their horrible election year. That’s not irony, it’s satire.’

How did the D’s respond? Crickets…

A spokeswoman for the Montana Democrats did not respond to a request for comment.

Gianforte should send a “thank you” card to whoever thought it would be a great idea to invite a senator from New Jersey. Too funny.


  1. That’s dumb. I have no party affiliation, but how does a keynote speaker compare to an actual candidate running for state office? Republicans sound desperate by saying it takes the argument off the table and democrats laughing it off without comment win the argument. Maybe Gianforte’s campaign should stop waiting for something to comment on or make dumb horse manure commercials and actually come up with a reason why he would make sense to vote for. I’m honestly listening.

  2. I’d have preferred Tom Vilsack, former USDA secretary and democratic Governor of another Ag state (Iowa) and what his experiences to reflect on in regards to engaging and communicating with RURAL Montana and values.


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