Impeachment Poll: Should The Senate Remove Donald Trump From Office?

With the impeachment trial set to begin next week, we thought we would ask you, our readers, where you stand …

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6 Replies to “Impeachment Poll: Should The Senate Remove Donald Trump From Office?”

  1. This would be an appropriate question after all the evidence is heard. I realize that folks like Steve Daines don’t care about the truth but we all should as citizens.


    1. I like how you singled out Daines on this. So it was OK for Senate candidate Schumer to expressly run against removing Clinton in ’98 (before his trial)?

      The fact is, impeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” yet the articles of impeachment sent over by the House do not identify a single violation of the law.


      1. Of course I singled Daines out. He’s a juror in this matter. He’s already declared how he will vote without hearing the evidence. Schumer and Pelosi are part of the prosecution, not jurors. It’s not that complicated.

        As to the articles themselves, I’ll defer to the constitutional scholars who completely disagree with your opinion.


        1. Last I checked, Schumer is a United States Senator, and thus, a “juror” in this case, though you’re (inadvertently) correct: in actuality, he really is part of the prosecution.

          Defer all you will to the Constitutional scholars who hold your point of view. The fact is — as other Constitutional scholars have pointed out — the articles themselves do not identify a specific violation of the law.


    2. Also, do you really think that Schumer and Elizabeth Warren et al do not have their minds made up? Please.


  2. Right on Anthony. Trump for 5 more years, it won’t get any better……


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