Judicial Standards Complaints Filed Against MT Supreme Court Candidate Ingrid Gustafson

Several Montana news outlets are reporting that two Judicial Standards Commission complaints have been filed against Montana Supreme Court Justice Ingrid Gustafson who is seeking re-election.

Her challenger is James Brown.

The complaints, filed by GOP political consultant Jake Eaton, state in part:

“Justice Gustafson had received and was actively promoting the endorsement from lawyers and parties to a case while their case was in front of her. She did not disclose the conflict to anyone and ultimately ruled in their favor…But it gets even worse…just weeks before issuing her ruling in the case, she held a high-dollar fundraiser in the private home of one of the attorneys on the case.”

You can read the entire content of both complaints by clicking the links below:


Voters can evaluate the information and sources and make up their own minds.

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