Legal Weed Under The Big Sky?

Signature gatherers wearing face masks have been spotted around Great Falls trying to get local citizens to sign on to their petition to put the legalization of recreational marijuana on the Montana ballot this November.

The group sponsoring the petition drive is called New Approach Montana and here’s their mission statement:

“New Approach Montana is a political campaign based in Helena, MT. We are working to pass two complementary ballot initiatives to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adults 21 and older in Montana. Through the passage of two 2020 ballot initiatives, we envision a Montana in which adults are no longer arrested for responsibly consuming marijuana and where tax proceeds from marijuana sales are invested in veterans services, conservation programs, substance abuse treatment, long-term health care, and municipal services.”

So here’s our poll question:

[poll id=”22″]

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2 Replies to “Legal Weed Under The Big Sky?”

  1. Even though it will be legal in the state…. cops can and WILL arrest you for possession and consumption, because FEDERALLY it is still illegal and they WILL use that against you if they want.


  2. Jim Beam: first your drink is terrible. Secondly, this harsh intonation filled fear your LARGE LETTER WRITING projects gives me a humorous vision of chicken squawking the American National Anthem. I suppose it makes people like you wet to think of Kevlar clad ex marines busting in suburban homes with sawed off shotguns to haul citizens off to quarantine camps for their own safety. Who is this “they” you refer to, imaginary gremlins in your heads? Legalize marijuana, definitely. Jim Beam could use a puff!


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