Letter To The Editor: Firearm Stability Stocks

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Hello E-City Beat – 

I am reaching out because several months ago the Cascade County Libertarian Party sent out letters to all Montana and US Representatives who represent citizens of Great Falls. In this we also included Sheriff Slaughter. This letter was in regard to ATFs new ruling on stability stocks (See link here). As concerned citizens we have not received any response from our representatives on the concerns listed in these letters. This is especially concerning as we have recently heard about ATF and IRS involvement at  Highwood Creek Outfitters (KMON Facebook post), without much additional information.

We would like more attention brought to this issue, and the fact that local representatives only have something to say when a newsworthy event happens, instead of addressing constituents’ concerns when vocalized. Would you be able to include this letter as a “Letter to the Editor”?

Please reach out if you have any questions.


Tony Rosales, PhD
Medical Director, 21GRAMS
Chair, Cascade County Libertarian Party
(406) 217 1905

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  1. Could it have something to do with the 2nd Amendment, which until repealed and replaced, is the law of the land? Regardless of the fact that all officers, state and federal, take an oath to “Uphold the Constitution(s) of their state and the U.S. Constitution. Maybe the fault lies in those who wish the Constitution was not worded as such, or if there was no Constitution at all. We as Montanans should feel honored and privileged to live in state where are leaders adhere to uphold not only the Constitution, but their oath of office as well.


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