Letter To The Editor: Know What You’re Voting On

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In regards to all the levies that have been asked for over, let’s say, as long as recent memory can remember. In reviewing the results, at least two things about the voting public is consistent.

Let’s start with the 20 year bond passed in 2016. Then all the other levies since then. It is apparent through this reporter’s observations and with collaboration from sampling the public, here is what is known.

1) Two classes of voters that either don’t read the full text and do due diligence on the matter combine with older voters who don’t care. Why not care? The older class sees either a 10 year, 20 year, or in the most recent case, a permanent tax as being no bother to them, as they are likely not to have to worry about it much longer. The other class? Those first time voters who have been taught (or choose another word and fill in the blank) that the government can better spend our money than we can. Hold this thought- more on that later.

2) Then there are the voters who just simply say yes for anything and everything because they feel it the right thing to do, without any regard for the “down the road” consequences. Again, they can fit in the above mentioned voting public.

Okay, so let’s get some of you educated out there that may not have been taught to be an informed and educated properly.

The late great President Ronald Reagan said the 9 most feared words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. A levy is an act to impose a tax or fine. Who asks for these? More often than not, it is a government agency or entity. That includes any body, building, or entity controlled by and/or run by a government agency.

Back to two things, if you learn nothing else from this letter. If the government can spend our money better than us, why are we, the United States $30,000.000.000,000 (30 Trillion, with a “T”) dollars in debt? We are supposed to live within our means, but does the government. I say not due to the above debt. That means $95,043 for every person living in the U.S. 66% more than the combined consumer debt of every household. 

So when a levy is passed, and permanent, that means this is passed down and on to people who have not voted for this, people who will when old enough, have this added to them, people who may not have been born yet, and, as they say “kick the can down to road”. 

At least those of us who understand, did our research can take solace in that we did our part to save things. If the future is those who vote as previous generations have, as we hear in some situations, God help us all.

Great Falls

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  1. Regarding Know What You’re Voting On:
    I think it’s a combination of both 1 and 2.
    I’m sure that many voters don’t read the full text or don’t understand the full text, but they vote what they do understand. Before someone told me that levies last forever, I had no clue that levies are taxes or fees. I always thought a levy was a temporary fix.
    A forever tax is nothing I am really interested in.

    Then there are those who honestly do think that the county/state/ government knows what’s best for them, their children, grandchildren, city, state, etc., etc. Not realizing that power will be taken away from parents, grandparents, etc., and they relinquish control of what happens for and TO their children.

    It’s not that people don’t care, it’s mainly the fact they just don’t know the truth behind the vote YES signs that are everywhere. I sure wish I saw a lot more vote NO signs on this last election.
    Not that I don’t like libraries, I spent alot of time in libraries when I was younger, but I want to know that our children will be safe . Our children need to be safe.


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