Letter To The Editor: Supports Rosendale

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I am writing today to express my strong support for Congressman Matt Rosendale and his campaign for re-election to Montana’s new, second congressional district. 

One of the many reasons I will be casting my vote for Rosendale this election is that he’s not afraid to vote against bad legislation. One of these pieces of bad legislation being Biden’s outrageous $1.5 Trillion spending package.  

This spending package was another attempt by the far left to expand the size of the federal government while ignoring the basic needs of American citizens. Instead of addressing real needs, this bill actually included billions of dollars for the Green New Deal, vaccine mandates, and other Democrat pet-projects. 

While other elected officials prefer to test which way the political winds are blowing before casting their vote, Matt can be relied on to stand his ground and make the right choices. 

I applaud Congressman Rosendale for taking these tough votes and for voting against Joe Biden’s out-of-control spending. We need more people in Congress like Matt Rosendale who understand that more government spending means higher inflation, higher fuel prices, and a higher overall cost of living for all Montanans.

On a different note, I would also like to thank Congressman Rosendale for his support of Red Lodge after the flooding that occurred last month. I am grateful to have a Congressman who steps up to support local communities in times of need. 

Please join me in supporting Congressman Matt Rosendale for re-election in Montana’s eastern congressional district!

Edwin Halland
Bridger, MT

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  1. I think it is important to organize Montana oil, food, fuel so that all Montana can participate in getting things in working order.
    Maybe a state Co-op that people can invest in & get returns on profit so people will invest & work together before the Federal government destroys everything.


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